thinking of makeing my own header out of a ranger header

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  1. i was thinking since $500 for Rods header, i was looking at it an came up with the idea of making my own out of a ranger header. i can just by the turbo to header flange and do some welding and and ad some small pipes and i think i could have a header for very cheap. anyone think i shoud try it and make a write up on how to do if i can successfully make one and get it to work. i know i could get a header from the JY for around 15-20. so this would be very inexspensive to make. and what years could i get the header off of again?

    heres rods
    ranger one
  2. That would kick ass.
  3. ive been thinking of doing the same thing, except without the ranger header, im not saying its an easy task, but i think it would be fun and worth the investment in tools. a universial 12 ton hydrolic pipe bender it like 100$ at harbor freight, i think if i look around i could find some 1 1/5 tubing cheap. I found a few places that sell the collector for anywhere aroun 15-25$ dollars. the only part i havent figured out yet is how to do the flange's that bolt to the turbo and too the head. I think i could probly manfacture one of these pieced together headers for 100$ in materials, and 100$ in tools ( since ive already got an oxy setup + mig). It wont be all chrome and pretty, but it may just work !
  4. The problem I see there is that the tubing of the ranger header is WAY too thin to hang a turbo on. It "may" work if you give it some massive bracing but that will most likely cause cracking (as they have to be able to grow/shrink as they heat and cool).

    I think I'm a pretty good fabricator with quite a bit of practice and I wouldn't attempt it. If I WERE to build a home made header I would build a log style because they aren't nearly as hard. Matter of fact, all of the parts on bob's log header can be bought...then you just have to weld them together.

  5. good point stinger. but i think i should just get the header any way and see what i could do with it . i could always take the 4 flanges off and try to make my own custom header. i knew support was goint to be a big issue cause i heard how the ATR header is junk cause of the welds and metal they used, and it has no support. i think i might try it to see what i come up with, i would be my spare time project. where could i get the flang that bolts to the turbo?? im seen ebay and a few sites but there all lik $25+. im looking for something a little cheaper to mess with.
  6. if u've got a cutting torch, id say cut that puppy off an old E series turbo manifold...i know people have 1,000s of cracked ones laying around, if u could adapted that somehow. Those manifold's are made of cast iron right? an oxy setup should be able to eat that?

    as far as the cracking from being a weld support, just weld your supports the header, and on the other end use a ruber seperater to give it the grow and shrink ability, heck they use it for exhuast hangers, why not?of course this support would be from the bottom of the header.

    (just throwing ideas out there)