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  1. I am getting a new intake manifold so I am getting a new throttle body. Are all throttle bodys about the same or are some better than others. What size should I get. I will thinking 70mm. They sell some Pro Producation polished TBs on ebay for $159. Is that a good deal.
  2. You won't see a gain with a TB. But if you really want one, get a 65mm.

  3. why not a see much of a gain out of the TB. Is there other mods I should do first.
  4. Most people don't gain much from a TB swap. There are people in the 10's on the stock 60mm TB. If I were you, I'd put that money towards a higher stall torque converter or put it in the heads and cam account.

  5. Yea, get a 65mm or don't get one at all. If you get a 70mm, you'd waste your money like I did.
  6. The 65mm, 70mm and the 75mm were all $159. But I just have never heard to Pro Producations. 94GTStang did you think getting a TB was a good buy. Did you pick up much power or throttle response. What does you GT run in the 1/4.
  7. Stay away from the PPI throttle body.
  8. If it is polished for that price, it is probably Pro Products

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: do NOT get that is JUNK.. !!

    Second: You can keep the stock one with your setup, but if you feel you MUST change it, 65 will be fine!

  9. Yeah sorry it was a pro products. So those things are just pieces of ****.
  10. I have yet to talk to anyone who has actually ever owned one of those power pro TB's so i can't personally say what they are like. BUT if you want to be the first to try it out (guinea pig?) i'd suggest buying it from late model resto supply because they are selling them for $140.
  11. alright thanks
  12. What are some other good TBs?
  13. The only ones I would buy would be FMS or Accufab.

  14. Accufabs are the nicest...Cant find them for our year though.

    For ours: BBK (joe and I got ours together and had them polished) or the FMS.


  15. How much to those run and where is a good place to find them.
  16. 94GTLaserRC do you like your BBK.
  17. The Ford 65mm is top quality and you get new tps and ics with it.

    I agree with the others in this thread about the low gain of a t/b upgrade. Lot of air has to flow before a BIG gain would be seen.

    I got close to the 300 mark with the stock t/b & maf.

    If you decide on the Ford t/b, Powered by Ford had the best price about 2 weeks ago when I upgraded mine.

  18. Yea RC and I got them at Summit. I've owned a BBK 65 and now a BBK 70. Had no problems with either.