Time for 03 cobra possibly

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by westgastang4.6, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Sold my 97 gt about 2 weeks ago so now i'm in the market for another stang. My first thought is terminator and possibly a mach 1. I know about the tick issue but, that issue can be solved with a cooling mod on the head. Also another thing is insurance and just deciding which one. I'm really leaning towards the terminator. Give me your thoughts guys on the yays and nays of the terminator vs. mach.
  2. Mach 1s are nice but the Cobras take it to a whole nother level. If it were me, I'd get an 03 sb Cobra but really depends on what all you want. If you only want something that can move down the track get a Cobra. But when it comes to quality the S197s are alot better, IMO.
  3. Mach1s are such a great deal and cheaper to own.
  4. The mach is sexy no doubt about it. But I really do want a termi.