To tint or not to tint...That is the question...

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  1. Do you guys think I should tint my windows? I donno how'd the colors match..
  2. yes, I don't care what color car you have...tint them! lol
  3. i agree, all cars need tint :cool:
  4. green with tint to give you an idea.

  5. Get them tinted, it helps the look of the car and makes it so nice inside on sunny days. Just make sure u spend the extra money for the higher quality tint that won't turn purple.
  6. ok i want mine tinted too but how do you get the quarters to come out good? i hate how there is always a weird transition betweent the factory black and the you have to take the glass out to get around this..?
  7. yea tint them, I dont have mine tinited right now because i go to car shows and you can see my chrome NOS bottle, but they will getting tinted soon.
  8. Tint FTW

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  9. I'm gunna be tinting them myself.. I've done a few cars and it's come out great.. Plus, I don't have the black bubbles you guys have with your coupes on the rear 1/4 windows. It's a convertible so it's super easy.
  10. ok i want my quarters to come out this nice how did you do that????????

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  11. I have always used lluminar tint on all my vehicles and none of them have turned purple plus if you wet snd the little dots on the back window the tint will adheir better as well. I can't spell I know ;)
  12. Had a shop in south Fl do the car for $95
  13. i plan on getting 20% done sometime in the spring. I had 20% on it before and it looked awesome but I did it myself and the driver side window began to peel. This time i'm going to have it done by a professional. I'm just scared of spending the money on getting it done then getting one of those fix it tickets! :nono: At least when I did it myself, I'd only be out ~$30 and my time.
  14. yeah i planned on letting a pro do mine too...i hate doing tint it gets me so upset because it winkles putting it in and cutting it and ohh i got a short temper with that crap lol...i just dont want to pay to have it done and look like poo
  15. TINT! I don't think there is any color of Mustang that doesn't look better with tint. I recommend doing at least 15% (or darker) all the way around. I have 5% on the rears and 20% on the front sides and I regret the 20% on front everytime I look at them. If the morons (read: police officers that are overly anal) are really strict in your area I suppose 20% would be okay.
  16. That is not even a question.

    Black matches everything. If I had the money, I'd tint my car in a heartbeat.
  17. Black looks awesome on DFG.

    Tint looks good on ANY car. I have 5% on my car and I love it.
  18. yes tint it... i plan on getting mine done in the spring, but in massachusetts 35% is as dark as you can get legally and that pisses me off but oh well... does anyone know of a newer tint that is actually labeled as 50% but is equivilant to a 25% when looked through... this makes no sense to me either, but two local shops swear by it, i have just yet to see it done on another car, so i just dont wanna waste my time on "legal" if it looks like crap...
  19. when cops check your tint they dont look for a tag, they put a light meter on it and see how much light it lets through.
  20. exactly right, got pulled over in my old truck for too dark of tint when the cop came up behind me in broad daylight and couldn't see through he said (I had 15% with 5% over that on the 3 rear windows and he got me for 13% on my front side windows (supposed to be 20% accord to the guy who did it) but florida law is 28% last i checked. On another note I have 5% on both the mustang as you see above and my truck and love it, knocking on wood it's been close to 2 years for both vehicles and no problems...i just roll them down when I see a cop or if one comes up next to me. 15% is nice as well, just did that on my wifes explorer but wish she could see through the 5% at night backing up or I would have gone with that.