Took The 2011 Gt To The Dyno Today... Made Great Numbers!

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  1. Since I posted here last, I added an NX Coyote Plate kit to my car, and wanted to make sure the Bama tune was safe. So, I brought my car to Lamotta's Performance in Longwood, FL. Jake was great and took care of me!

    Car put down 410/362 on motor (mods in my sig), and put down an amazing 527/529 with a 100 shot. Bottle pressure right at 1050psi.

    Jake did say the nitrous tune was a little leaner than he would like to see, and suggested I contact Bama to tweek my tune. He suggested adding .5 more fuel across the board. Bama, being cautions (and should be), wanted to see the dyno run, so I emailed them the pull and waiting to get my revised tune soon!

    All and all, I'm very happy with the NX kit. One thing I do not like is their TPS switch, no matter how you program WOT, comes on well before 100% wide open throttle. This is likely due to the computer telling the throttle body to open more than your foot telling it. I will be installing a window switch soon to make the system even safer.

    Here are some pics and vids from today!




    N/A pull:


    Nitrous Pull:


    Dyno Sheet:


  2. Those are some nice numbers!!
  3. Good stuff!