Toploader sequential shifter

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Route666, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I saw this so long ago, and I forgot all about it, but I'd like to tell everyone about it.

    It is an aussie invention, a shifter for toploader gearboxes (and a few others) that makes it sequential.

    Here is the site.
  2. $580? Thats about $400 more than my Toploader cost me. I'll stick with my Hurst. Practice makes perfect.
  3. I think that's australian dollars man, so divide it by 1.35

    so bout $430

    Still expensive, but hell, it turns an ancient (and tough) gearbox into a sequential.

    I don't like the throw of it too much though, 100mm, I would rather about 50mm, 2 inches or so.
  4. That's pretty neat, but expensive. :eek:
  5. They "may" be working on a design for the Richmond 6 speed as well. ;)
  6. That's neat, but it does sound an awful lot like a B and M shifter that was availible years ago... Friend of mine had one in his '70 Chevelle...One way up and the other way down (yes it was a Muncie 4 spd box) Nice for drags but kinda annoying on the street.