Fox Traction Issues

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  1. 1st Gear- from sitting, leaving at idle 1k RPM, spinning until 5k shift
    2nd gear- spinning
    3rd gear- chirping into 3rd
    Don't get me wrong, sideways is a lot of fine. It's just annoying pulling up beside a Camaro at a stop light and knowing i can't drop the hammer because he'll be gone and I'll be sideways trying to get traction.

    Dyno'd at 268rwhp and 300ft/lbs
    3.73 gears
    H&R sport springs
    SSM Lift Bars
    Welded Subframe Connectors
    No quads
    Nitto 555, 255

    Where is the issue? Driver mod? Better tires? Different control arms? Any suggestions or questions would be appreciated.
  2. If light to light is your thing, a more purpose built suspension setup along with stickier tires would be a must. I had a similar setup which dead hooked on the street. I was running full bolt-on suspension and 275/40-17 M/T DRs. Of course, it would hook harder on 275/60-15 Radial Pros, but I liked the 17s. :)
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  3. Tires. I've got Toyo R888's on my 04, and MT drag radials on my 89. The Toyo R888's are about half way between an excellent street tire (treadwear rating of 140-200) and a drag radial, but you can drive them in rain. They hook much better than the 100 treadwear number would leave you to believe. Drag radials hook much better, but don't drive them in the rain, at least not to speak of. You can still spin either if you want, but you can also control the launch, and not just sit there and spin.
  4. Interesting, just read up on treadwear and grip ratings. Those R888's look pretty good. Much better than the Nitto's I have. I just dont see the real advantage of getting them over some Drag radials.

    How would changing the lower control arm too something by UPR or BBK affect things?
  5. Better weight transfer. I used UPR suspension & M/T tires.
  6. Might go that route. I've heard Lift bars are hard on the torque boxes and chassis.
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  7. Buy an SN.

  8. Tires will be the biggest help at this point.
  9. Yeah, I think that is next.
  10. Definetly better tires first. Then you should address the suspension. At least some controll arms would be a start. Also when really trying to dig out of the hole I really ride/slip the clutch while applying power. It is a fine line and not the best idea for clutch durability but it works.
  11. Go easy on with the right foot works pretty good to..
  12. I can't really explain it in words, but I can come off idle "aggressively" and white smoke the tires while standing still every time. Or, I can lug it down a little, and dig out of the hole rolling into the throttle. Not the fastest way to get moving (compared to good tires), but I find that driving style makes a big difference in traction.