traded 05 GT for 11' GT

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  1. Hi, New guy from ct here, just traded in my 05 gt
    for a new 11" gt. here is a cpl of pix. I had the stripes put on
    a week after i got it.

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  2. looks great with the stripes how much they cost if you dont mind i want to put grabber blue stripes on my black 11 gt
  3. Both nice cars. How's the difference in the power dept? Does it FEEL faster? How about down low, any difference?
  4. The stripes were thrown in by my dealer,although i am sure i paid for them one way or another.they give the car a different dimension,breaks up some of the
    real estate.
  5. Hi Pokageek, the 11' is imho a more refined version of the 05,the 100 extra
    horses make a world of difference.
  6. I'm digging the stripes. Always loved the red/white scheme.
  7. Well , the reason I ask is because the 11's are putting our closer to 440HP stock. They are under-rated from the factory. I bet they are going to be passing the camaros. Best of luck with it!
  8. Hi, Pokageek

    My 05 was stock except for hurst shifter. I always felt I had to run right
    at the red line to get the most out of it. when you were going 120 mph
    you could hear it and feel it. The 11 is stock for right now but with the
    3:73 and the tire, brake and suspension pkg the car is more balanced
    I now run out of highway before i run out of rpm. everyone one says the new car is much quieter than the old one. it's deceptive. when you get on it the feels like it wants to perform.