Trading in for 05: The ugly topic of resale value

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  1. Last year the dealer offered 9 (and said he could try for 10) as a trade in on a 98 GT Vert. Its in good condition but has a lot of miles and some scratches here and there. Seemed relatively fair to me (yes we could have gotten 2 or 3k more selling it ourselves, but thats more ofa hassle than its worth sometimes). My dad kept the car and might trade it in on an 05.
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  3. I want a 2005 really bad, but i'll wait. Once my car is paid off I'll get a new stang, probably in 2006 or 2007. Hopefully I'll be able to afford the new Cobra. But I plan to keep my current car. I'll use the new car as a driver and the 2001 as a drag car. I already have the Novi in my current car, and I don't plan on doing much to the new car beyond exhaust and bolt-ons.
  4. I have also been thinking about keeping both of my current Mustangs. If my 2002 V6 Mustang is still in good shape I think that I will want to keep it. The same thing goes for my 2001 Mustang GT.

    If I had to trade any of these 2 Mustangs for the 2006/2007 Mustang, I would have a very hard time deciding which one to give up. I really love both cars. I would only give up and sell any of my Mustangs if it ever had been badly damaged in an accident and repaired. Then I might consider selling it or trading it in. When 2006/2007 comes along, I will have a hard time deciding how to buy a brand new Mustang GT if I still want to keep both of my current Mustangs. WHo knows? Maybe by then I will be sick and tired of the V6 and trade it in for the 2007 Mustang. Only time will tell.
  5. I hear you, Ron. If I could afford it I'd keep the GT, but the V6 makes a great daily driver, especially if you have a long drive every day. That would help keep the miles off your new car. Anyway, it's a good dilemma to have! :nice:
  6. Yeah, that's what I am going to do here. I am driving just my V6 Mustang and I have my 2001 GT stored for the entire winter. I already have 19,250 miles on the V6 Mustang and I plan on putting many more miles on it before I get rid of it. I try to take good care of it, but any car which is used as a daily driver is going to get wear and tear to show on it after a few years of usage. When my V6 gets up there in the miles and starts to show wear and tear, then I will have to really decide whether or not I am going to keep in as a second or even as a thrid car of if I am going to sell it or trade it in for a brand new Mustang. You're absolutely right about it being a dilemma. It will be very hard for me to decide what to do when the time comes, especially after owning a car like my 2002 V6 Mustang for so long which I really love a lot which is hard to let go of. Only time will tell.
  7. From what I'm hearing, dealerships are already experiencing a backlash from the 05 Mustang.

    Current crops of the 03 and 04 are just standing around more or less, because anyone with an ounce of grey matter is biding their time till the 05 reaches showroom floors.

    As far as a trade goes, I'd start saving extra money now to put down on the 05. That way you can offset any potential pitfalls in the price of your current Stang. :nice:
  8. which is why I may be getting an 03 or 04 once the 05 comes out...cause they'll be cheap :) though i'm also actually looking at 02's right now too...I have a funny feeling I won't be able to afford a $25k GT, and sept/oct might be about the time I start needing a new car... and I still really think that there will be more used stangs on the market because of the 05, which will help bring down the prices of those...we'll see
  9. If I get the Mach now at least I'll have more power. By the time 2007 rolls around all the players will be on the field, GT, Cobra, Hopefully a new Mach or Boss. The Mach hopefully will hold some type of value over the next couple of years.
  10. I also think that the Mach1's will hold their value. And so will the Bullitt Mustangs.
  11. I think the current Machs will have excellent value down the line. Good price for them now, and they are kinda limited in production. I would love to get one in Comp Orange and stash it in the garage. Ok ...may be i would drive it once in a while. :)