Trouble when engine is warm.


Oct 25, 2019
Amarillo Tx
So, I have had my car running for about 2 months now and I have been making adjustments when/where necessary. I am having a hard time getting the car to run correctly when it gets fully warm. It will idle way too rich and when I put a load on the engine it shoots way too lean at idle and acceleration. I will attach the current tune and log of it idling, I have a hard time getting a log when it is cruising because it dies too soon.


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Nov 15, 2001
San Diego
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Does your set up have the separate VE table for idle? When I was first tuning I had a similar issue. It would idle fine until warmed up then it would go really rich. I never tried driving it. It was recommended I turn off the VE idle table and just use the main table. It worked for me and my car idles pretty well now.
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