Trunk Mounted Battery, The Correct Way!

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  1. Most people know that relocating your Mustang's battery to the trunk improves weight distribution and adds traction, but not everyone knows the right way to do it. In short, most sanctioning bodies require a trunk mounted battery to be in a sealed box with a vent tube run outside the trunk. Also, an externally operated battery cut off switch needs to be installed.

    UPR Products offers an aluminum battery box kit which includes the Positive Battery Cable, Negative Battery Cable, Aluminum Battery Box, Grommets, Cable Mounts, Battery Hold Down, Nuts and Washers, Wing Nuts, Vent tube and Fitting, Battery Cable Ends, and Threaded Rods.

    Here is the aluminum battery box kit:

    and this is the battery cut off switch:

    Used together, this combo will safely and legally relocate your battery to the trunk, putting more weight over the rear tires and adding to the all important GRIP!