trying my own "progress" thread

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  1. hopefully this thread will help keep me motivated to keep working on this thing.

    basically what happened is that i rebuilt my motor last spring, got all up running, everything was fine.......for a week, then the (junkyard) power seat track i had just thrown in caught the harness on fire, so since most of the interior was out anyway, decided to do a bit of resto before putting it back together. its been a bit slow, i got laid off for a month back in august, and the new job, while much better than the last, doesnt pay as well, and funds have been a bit short to be able to buy parts/supplies. that means using most of what i got and cleaning/painting things over buying new stuff.

    enough with the chat though, heres what i ended up with when i got the insides torn out:



    working on the quarter windows a bit, they were in bad, bad shape, and the edges still arent in that great of shape, but this is "better" untill i can afford at least the new lrs clones:


    trying my hand at refinishing the stock gt tails:

    all that was done back in august/september while i was off, and its been sitting about like that since then, and i finally started back on it this weekend.

    pile of interior parts in the basement (can work on em easier here than in the garage):


    gonna try to save this carpet, any ideas on products to use would be great:

    was going to take this apart to paint the very yellowed plastic:

    until i turned it over and saw friggin rivets instead of bolts/screws, so looks like im going to have to mask the thing instead:

    going to dye the wheel as well, at least the center portion, and probably throw a cover over the actual wheel so it doesnt all rub off:

    emlem out:

    and the door panel in disassembly:



    i got that bottom carpet off too so i can just work on the vinyl portion.

    the plan is to paint/dye everything back to the stock color since most of its just faded/yellowed, and only really replace the armrest pads and broken stuff. im debating somewhat what color to go with for the "black" sections, since the stock color close to the dark charcoal of my '99 seats, but not exactly. so its either the 99-04 charcoal, the 90-93 black, or the the 97-89 "black" (im leaning towards the 90-93 black so it more matches the shifter cover and hvac/radio stack).
  2. Looks good so far!
  3. a small update, started the first round of cleaning with some degreaser to see what how much i can actually save, and what needs to be bought fresh.

    first, the old eye-ball on the stalk, pics dont really show how bad it was, but it was VERY yellow, almost pee yellow (which i thought was odd considering nobodys ever smoked in this car):


    and looking a little better, still need to work on it some, but i scrubbed at it for about 10 minutes to get it this far

    armrest support before:

    the pad didnt get so clean, theres still a lot of crud in the grain:
    going to do another round on it before i throw in the towel and buy new ones.

    and heres the seats that are going back in (and yes, they need cleaning too!)

    and heres what happened to the sole original seat, and its actually CLEAN (scotch guard ftw). my fat ass broke the drivers side, prompting the 99's

    still debating the on what to do with the black part of the dash, a- and c-pillars, etc. for that matter, im actually debating seats. im in the mess im in now because the power seat track i had shorted, and the new ones just dont hold like the originals did, so MIGHT be looking for some nice used originals. or i may try to find a d.c. rear seat so it matches, i'll have to see what i can find for my budget (which isnt much, a small christmas bonus, and some o.t., dont know how long that will last though)
  4. as far as the carpet goes, go buy some purple power at autozone, and spray it down with alot of this stuff, then scrub it down then get a nice nozzle on the hose and spray it all off, works very well, wear gloves though, **** will take the finger prints off ya..
  5. ok, heres a question: how much paint to order? i know mm&ff used like 8 when they switched their coupe to black, but since i'm sticking with the stock color scheme, do i really need that much? and is it worth it to get the vinyl-specific stuff for the door panels/armrests, or will the lacquer work just as well on this stuff?
  6. Nice office chair.I have one made from a dark blue Turbo Coupe Thunderbird sport seat.More comfortable than any chair I could've bought.LOL

    Nice work so far.Time and patience go a long way..I need a steering wheel like yours.