tuners in central/south/north CA?

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  1. Hey guys I found a tuner in Modesto, CA (speed freaks)....but I'm not sure how good they are and what kind of reputation they have. Has any one heard of them? I need a GOOD tune for my n2o setup. Are there any other recommended places?
  2. wish i could help ya bud, but there really aren't any places like that here in bakersfield
  3. There should be...that's where I race...:nonono:

  4. Sounds like you're on the right track by researching the shop's reputation before dealing with them. I have never heard of speed freaks. Do they have a website? Know what street they're on? For a basic nitrous setup you probably can't go wrong at most places, but if you want a more hard core shop, check out Advanced Engine Development in san jose 916-715-7569 They've put out some of the hardest running mustangs in the state.
  5. Their website is www.speedfreaks.com . They're located in Modesto, but I can't remember the name of the street. I called Force Fed Performance in Sacramento, but they wanted an arm and a leg for 2 tunes. I could check out Advanced Engine Development. Also, have you heard of Racers Edge Tuning in So. CA? I heard they give some really nice tunes...
  6. Checkout Apex Motorsports in Santa Clara.

    Mike Mak
    Apex Motorsports
    Drive Magazine-Contributing Editor
    2555 Lafayette Blvd #122
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
    Phone: 408/588-0075

  7. The speed Freaks link is bunk, but I found this link www.speedfreaksinc.com the shop seems to be in tracy instead. I haven't heard of them or seen their work, but from the pictures, it looks like a fancy shop. Back in the days in norcal Byron of RaceSystems was the best around and in socal you had a couple of choices, but couldn't go wrong with Danny Swanson of Swanson Performance. I don't know what Danny is up to these days, I'm no longer in the loop when it comes to any of this, but Byron 'retired' a few years ago leaving the field wide open for new commers. Ever since, lots of new tuners have popped up fast and left just as quickly, but at Sacramento Raceway you often hear of some impressive combos from Advanced Engine Development. For such fairly basic setup like yours, you probably can't go wrong with most shops. Going to your local drag strip and seeing who tuned the harder running Mustangs is a good way to find a shop, as well as researching a tuner's reputation like you're doing here.
    If you know a computer programming language and have mastered highschool level math and science, you can also consider buying the equipment to tune yourself. It's not hard at all, but does take a lot of research and reading to learn. Ironically the price of tuning is much higher now that customers have options of a few different "chips" and dyno shops, compared to the days where your options were fairly limited.
  8. Yea I know what you mean man. These days tuners are fighting for competition. I guess now that cars have advanced in technology so much, new computer tuning devices are available. My grandfather would sh1t his pants if I should him the xcal and its capabilities LOL. He would be like "What happend to the good old timing gun?" . Anyway, I've been searching several modular forums and came up with a list. These were the most spoken of:

    Apex Motorsports, Powertrain Dynamics, Swanson Performance, and Racer's Edge Tuning.

    Two of those were already mentioned. So, who do you think I should go with? Like you said, it IS a basic n2o setup, but some tuners can squeeze more power outta the car than others. Thanks a lot guys!

  9. Sounds like you have a decent list there. I also forgot to mention www.customdynotuning.com as well. If confined to your list, I've only personally dealt with two of the shops listed and would have to go with Swanson Performance. The reason I recomended talking to mustang owners at the drag strip is because there is a discrepency between a shop's internet hype and real life performance. If you get a chance next Saturday, go to Sacramento Raceway. Sat 30 Grudge Fest for fully muffled cars-Gates open 4pm, Adm. $5, Racing 6-10pm $35 www.sacramentoraceway.com
  10. I have a buddy with a stage 2 Roush. He had a Saleen sc installed and Speedfreaks tuned it and did some other work for him. His stang is putting down just over 500rwhp. Car supposedly ran a 10.51 1/4 mile. He swears by them. I plan on taking my car there once i free up some funds for mods.
  11. His car doesn't run a 11.51, let alone a 10.51.
  12. I just recently moved to Stockton and I am also looking for a good tuner. I am an Army recruiter and one of the guys I work with had good things to say about speedfreaks. I havent made it to Tracy to check them out though. Let me know if you hear anything else about them. Thanks.
  13. Powertrain dynamics in huntington beach is awesome. He has done all of my cars, and has a great reputation. His name is Steve, let him know Tony sent ya.
  14. What is your combo?
  15. in so cal
    adam at st motorsports san bernadino
  16. TUNER


    Just pulled a car out of their shop in tracy that was there for a tune, and 2 weeks later had to tow it away before they destroyed it. Ravi couldn't tune a Camel on a treadmill, let alone a Mustang. I won't go into details, please trust me and stay as far away as possible. I am teaming up with BAR to set them up, not even licensed with BAR and that's a NO NO! A bunch of young kids who don't know jack, disrespecful, and refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes (or anything in general) Nice looking, impressive shop that masks a bunch of rookies with little or no knowledge concerning special setting for different vehicle / combinations. Go see Shaun @ Advanced Engine Development in San Jose 916-715-7569

    I am serious, other tuners refuse to run a car they have tuned due to the high risk of catastrophic failure... (based on the obvious) yes, there have been several

  18. i was just there this past saturday. my friend was getting his 95 cobra tuned. they did an awesome job. we gained 60whp and 60wtq just from the tuning. they got the a/f ration dialed in perfectly. I would strongly recommend them. plus theyve got a bunch of nice mustangs in there. they're actually in tracy. about a minute off of the 205

  19. maybe it wasn't the tune that blew up the motor????