Tunes: Alternative Auto, Bamachips, Brenspeed?

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  1. I hope you mean 93 octane lol. 83 could cause some issues (if there were any places that sold it)

    scrming, thats a pretty sweet canned tune, wonder how much the shift firmness has to do with that lol. Not to take anything away from lidio, but i havent heard too many good things for the 05 at vmp, but hes a god with the previous year cars, so maybe he just needs time? or maybe i just dont read enough? lol

    side note, i successfully pegged out 4th gear tonight, and according to some calculators i used, thats 139.77mph (6100rpm rev limiter). I remember when i first got my car, ppl on here were saying itd never break 130mph
  2. I dunno who's better, but Doug and Lideo are both very enthusiastic about our 4.0L's! I know Doug of Bamachips is down in Texas helping out with hurricane relief. When he gets back, it would be interesting if we could get a dyno comparrison of Doug and Lideo's 87 and/or 89 octane tunes on a stock car.

    Personally I'm waiting for one of these two gents to get a hold of a C&L intake and creating tunes
  3. Here is Lidio's before and after dyno sheet for a completely stock V6 automatic... This is with the 89 Octane tune... that's the only thing a that changed between the runs...


  4. :Track: :D
  5. Yep, i don't deny that Justin's a great guy and his tune was good... Lidio's tune was simply more complete... I had asked Justin to firm up my shifts and he did somewhat. I ask Lidio the same and it was frickin' insane! LOL! I've actually graphed the difference in shifting using the datalogging.. big difference. I'm sure that is part of the .25 difference... the thing is I asked both guys to make the change and Lidio's the one who delievered... Also Lidio and I went for a test drive with Justin's tune. He pointed out a couple of areas where the torque management stuff was still kicking in. Lidio's tune has all the stuff removed... and it is noticable...

    Like I've said before... I think anyone who get's a tune from any of these 3 or 4 guys will be happy... But I think Lidio experience shines through here and he is able to squeeze a little bit more out of the tune... I'm not sure what kind of shop the other guys have but I know Lidio is working the dyno 6 days a week...

    We really need to organize some kind of 2005 V6 track day! I know.. let's get some magazine to sponser it! LOL!
  6. Scrming,

    Are you sure about the 87 octane tune's availability on Lidio's Xcal2's? I called Alternative Auto about a month ago and spoke with someone besides Lidio about there being an 87 octane tune included along with the 89 octane version which works so well for you. The dude I spoke with didn’t know if there was an 87 octane tune available and told me to email Lidio. I sent Lidio an email asking about the 87 octane tune but never got a response (or at least I didn’t see one in my inbox … and I was looking too). I even used my work email address which I always check.

    Basically, I want the 89 (performance) version for weekend crusing, but I also want a more economical 87 version for the long (80+ mile) daily commutes Mon – Fri. I wasn’t looking for more HP out of the 87 tune, just elimination of the WOT delay and the improved shift programming for my auto trans. The speedo adjustments for different wheels/tires is available with all the tunes I believe.

    Can you confirm or deny the inclusion of both (89 & 87 octane) tunes being programmed into the Xcal2’s purchased from Lidio. Also, if I’m reading you correctly, these tunes aren’t dyno-dependent … just “plug & play” (pun intended). Correct?

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.
  7. I spoke with Lidio on the phone a few weeks back. He confirmed that he had worked up an 87 octane tune, based on the 89. Said it was for a guy that kept having pinging issues--turns out he was running 87 octane (or the story goes something like that...).

    So--Lidio said he could re-program my Xcal2 and fill it with 3 different tunes---87, 89, and 91/93 (forget which one...). At least I think I remember the conversation correctly :D

    What I *don't* know is if Lidio can figure in for my JMS CAI filter....

    scrming---if you will be so kind, the next time you see Lidio, ask if all the different CAI units (like the one from JMS) are all in an SCT database/table somewhere that he can figure it in to a tune without having to do an actual dynotune on that CAI... OR---can he take a working .XTR file for a specific CAI and work it up from there? Purty Please? :nice:
  8. Well, I tried calling brenspeed and alternative auto today, both were closed at the time. Brenspeed isn't open saturday, and alternative's answering machine says they don't answer the phone on saturday. Bamachips is still doing hurricane stuff. So I guess I have to wait til Monday to talk to anyone, unless Lidio would return a call if I left a message.
  9. I have Lidio's 89 tune in my automatic right now and like Scrming said its awesome. :banana:
  10. I'm surprised that not more people accpet that Brenspeed offers the best in XCal-2 tunes. Huh, I just figured everybody knew.
  11. best? haha, im definately digging mine after last night.