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  1. I have only heard good things about lamotta performance here in Orlando. but on their website it states:

    $400.00 on stock ecm cars (Lamotta tuning will require an SCT programmer or chip)

    Does that me and I have to buy in SCT tuner, before I go there. Or will he be able to flash my car with his own tuner? Does anybody have any personal experience with this shop for tuning?

    ps. My car is a pretty basic bolt on 91 fox.
  2. They will be able to supply you with what you need
  3. I'm sure of that.

    but my question is, do i need to buy the tuner and have it tuned?

    or will they just flash my computer as is without me needing to buy the sct?
  4. The stock ECU cannot be flashed. They will install a tuning chip (SCT) on the stock ECU at the service port. This chip will contain the new tune.
  5. When you say "SCT Tuner", I think you're talking about a tuner like what you see in magazine ads for Mustangs these days. If I am correct about that, then the tuner you're talking about is not one that is compatible with the EECIV in your car. Those "tuners" are for much later year cars.

    The "chip" that you need for your EEC is just that. It's a chip. No display, no buttons, no wires, no interface. It's a chip that slides onto the service port like @toyman indicated above.

    Unless you know EXACTLY what you need, then I'd purchase it from the place that will be doing the tune. That way, you ensure that you have the correct chip for your EEC and that it's also compatible with the hardware and software possessed by the folks in the shop that will be doing the work.
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  6. Thanks for the help. I thought there was one of those hand held tuners from sct for the fox and I just couldn't find it... lol.
  7. Nope, as stated its a plug in that piggybacks onto the computer via the service port
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong, but that might be $400 + the price of the chip.

    You might want to call and check into this prior to showing up, just so there aren't any surprises
  9. Just wondering why a bolt on stockish car needs a $400 tune in the first place. What is your exact setup?
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  10. 300 for the chip. 400 for the tune. I think i would rather get a Megasquirt for that price.

    I just finished my nitrous set up. I want to make sure the car is safe to run it and know what I should be running my timing at.
  11. Quarterhorse gets my vote
  12. How much nitrous? I run 10* adv with spout in with a 125 shot fwiw on 93 oct fuel
  13. I plan to run a 150 shot. I know it's been done with no problems. I just want to be sure my car is healthy before I spray it. But 700 for a tune is not worth it with my upgrades. I can buy another 302 for less than that... lol
  14. From my experience here in Orlando over the past 18 years. Hands down, Sniper Tuning in Sanford or, Horse Power Sales in Orlando. They also won't try and rape you on the price either.
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  15. It's not the 400 that gets me. I think 400 is a fair price. Tunes should be the same price whether your car is stock or built. But having to buy the chip as well puts me off...

    this is my first V8 car since 2002. I been building rotary cars since then. And dyno time has always been the same price no matter how stock or how built your car was. Stock computer or standalone. And it was usually around the 400 price range. But I never had to pay for the chip/reflash/whatever as well.
  16. I had once entertained the idea of having my Mustang dyno tuned @ a shop in Spokane WA. To do the tune, they too also required that I have the SCT Chip for my ECU to do it.
  17. What you guys are missing is the fact that the stock ECU cannot be reprogrammed. That's why the chip is necessary. These are OBDI systems not OBDII which can be reflashed.
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  18. Going rate in Orlando for most places to dyno tune is about 350-475.