Tuning With S Trim

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  1. I run a Pro-M with mine with 42 injectrs and a 340 walbro in tank pump...500 rwhp and 14 psi...so im sure you will be fine..i do also run a snow performance stage 2 meth kit which help in tuning...
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  2. evuganan.jpg goodies trickling in !
  3. What size is the pro m meter you have now ? and was it the same with the blower setup?
  4. Its either a 80 or 85mm Pro-M maf..I forget which one it is..the shop that did my car supplied it,,,No my car when it was blown was still Speed density ...it ran great with the blower and an FMU and 19 lb injectors...im sure it would have ran better with a MAF conversion and a tune..but I was happy with what it was...Now its a totally different animal...
  5. yeah I was just wondering cuz I can't justify 300 bucks vs 125 for a recal for 5mm more of meter I don't think it's gonna make a diff with what I am doing
  6. I think you will be fine...with a 75 mm what TB are you using?...i use a 75mm BBK...with a street heat TF intake...
  7. 70mm and supposed to be getting. downs upper intake from my buddy
  8. The 75mm Pro-M can only go up to a 42# inj and I find about 525fwhp...then it is a restriction. The 80mm can be calibrated to any size injector and we've pushed them to about 900fwhp.

    The big thing is the way they read the air...the 80mm is much more accurate and smoother.

    With a un ported gt 40 lower and even a box upper I'd say you'll be in the 420rwhp range anyway.
  9. This setup is gonna be on a bone stock motor minus the intake . Arp head bolts , Felpro 9333 pt1 . I am shooting to make 10lbs on it like that with the power pipe
  10. Pm me your price on an 80mm setup for 42s
  11. HPX slot maf and be done
  12. what's the deal with that ? I didn't really get a chance to read on it . just a sensor or is it the whole meter ?
  13. If you want to go that rouye I'd use a prom slot maf " ahem prom dealer" lol

    The slot maf has no specific inj calibration it is based off the tube diameter you put it in as far as HP supported. Example 3" tube support 800hp. The setup comes in a little cheaper or around same cost as the 80mm
  14. You can get just the slot maf itself or the whole housing. I picked up the whole housing for my turbo setup. The sensor can be used blow thru or draw thru, will never peg, and has a 30 point transfer function that aids in tuning.

    Here's a linky... http://www.pmas-maf.com/mass-air-sensors.php
  15. or buy from rick!!
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