Turbo 4cyl 68' First Ford Build

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  1. Hello all, well I have built a number of cars but this is my first ford. I like fords but always end up with mopars and chevys, so forgive me. Anyway, a ran across this one owner NM car for cheap and could not pass it up. It had been sitting for 11 years but no rust, yes No rust. The body was super clean just age had got to everything. The bad (for me anyway) it was a 6cyl auto. Long story short I had a wreked 88 thunderbird turbo coupe, did some web searching and saw it could be done, I went for it. After 3 mounths lots of beer and a lot of work this is what looks like. This site has a ton of good info on it (got to love the search button) so thanks! I hope to be a help around here and hopefully get help in return, and look foward to feedback and suggestions. by the way I am very pleased with the swap it handles and drives great and I cannot complain about the fuel mileage!

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  2. Pretty sweet swap looks really clean too

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  3. nice car man! i really like the 65-73 mustangs and i lost interest with them because they were v6! My uncle just told me about switching the engines from the Thunderbird to the mustang last knight! My other uncle is a mechanic so hopefully later on he will help me do the same with his Thunderbird...
  4. welcome aboard!