Turbo lawn mower

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  1. who had it and I need a pic or 2 to prove a point that you can turbo anything.
  2. post specs if you find anything
  3. i would like to find the pick of that turbo golf cart pullin a wheelie
  4. That would be nuts. My grandpa's briggs & stratton gets up already lol.

    But at least his is a 5 spd :rlaugh: ... :nonono: :bang:
  5. i've seen turbo snowmobiles before, there was a company here in NY that was making bolt on kits for them. I bet if you search for them you would find something.
  6. I saw a turbo bar stool on a site once, wish I still had the pic. It was sweet.
  7. HaHa, WTF did it do? Get you to the urinal faster!? "Gotta peeee!"
  8. I thought someone on here had a turbo riding lawnmower......