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  1. Has you guys seen those ads for that Turbonator?? Has anyone done their research and could give me the 411 on this "product"?:shrug:
  2. all your engine internals are belong to it:D
  3. It does not work.
  4. I think if you use 10 or more inline you can get like 200HP. :rolleyes:
  5. I got twin Turbonators and a switch to turn on my supercharger and then i spray a 450 shot of NOOOZZZ:shrug:

    Ya im sponsored by EBAY :nice:
  6. Turbonators are the ****zzzle, definately buy one...
  7. Ahhhh... yes. The quarterly "Does the Turbonator work" thread. We should be good to go till June.
  8. Save your money, amigo. If you are of age, buy beer instead. :nice:
  9. crapola

    +1 to the quarterly thread post above.
  10. /me waits for the much anticipated "Electric Turbo" thread...
  11. Preach it brother:cheers:
  12. i take offense at foul language in this forum....

    to call turbonator a 'product' is offensive and insults my intelligence. warning number #1. you won't get another or you will make "the list". and i assure you that nobody wants to make "the list".
  13. I honestly have NO IDEA how in the world that scam has gone on this long. Arent there like, SOME laws against blatant lying or something?
  14. What's great is that they actually have a website with animation and even a calculator to show how the dookie (formerly know as product, we will now call it dookie) will save you money. Oh, and as a "Limited Time Offer" they're slashing $10 off the price of "dookie" to $59. Get each additional Turbonator for $34.95. Buy one for $59.95 and get each additional unit on the same order for $34.95. Free Shipping on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th units. Do I hear a Stangnet group buy in the works???
  15. fix.t

  16. thanks to this forum for saving my money on buying a dookie.

  17. they don't lie...
    they say up to 35hp, 0hp is included i that "up to"
  18. i dynoed mine for free`with one and it lost power... no joke