Turn signals, hazards, and brake lights not working..

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stangman16, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. good job. the reason the tabs broke off is the harness is so short. when you tilt the column it puts presure on the connectors.
  2. Mine was just a fuse in the engine compartment INT LPS was the panel.
  3. Ahh crap the fuse went. Something is causing the INT LPS fuse to blow.
  4. It doesn't hurt to check the connections... could have a short.
  5. as i said in the diag with stangman. it is very common for the connections to pull out of the multifuntion switch connectors. also sometimes you will find a melted connector, or the switch to be faulty itself ( most common)
  6. Pulled everything apart and no loose connections, no nothing. Took it into Ford cause I don't have the right tools for the job(I ama mobilized reservist and all my stuff or access is in va) and the tech found some issues with a melted wire in the main harness for the turn signals, and issues with the fuse box. So he rewired it,fixed a few connections and installed new fuses.

    All fixed.
  7. I have a similar problem. Left signal works fine, right signal blinks fast, and hazards do not work at all.

    I suppose I should look at the multifunction switch as well.
  8. I am new here and so not sure if I am going about this right. I work on a friends 89 LX. Every time he has his dash worked on the car comes back with bad signals. It is always the same. The left blinker is ok but in the neutral and right positions the hazards dimly blink (both left and right). I have fixed it twice by getting the switch harness wiring in the right order but this time that did not help. Any ideas?
  9. I am just having a nightmare trying to figure out what could be, I bought new multiswitch, wiring harness with connectors replace the fuse and still they don't work. SMH.... I bought a new relay to see if is that. If any one have any ideas of what could be I would appreciate the help.
  10. i know on the 87-93 models the hazard switch can cause those symptoms if its defecive, but not sure on the sn cars
  11. i am having a hard time to fix this, but lets see if i can figured out tomorrow.
  12. man I install new relay and the problem still there. Dont know what else to do. When put the signal lights they dont do nothing. the flashers neither. Any recommendations.