Mach 1 underdrive pulley kit for mach

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  1. Does anyone have any good reccomendations on a underdrive pulley kit for a 04 mach 1 and where to buy? thanks
  2. Don't even bother with underdrive pulleys for a Mach. More than afew people have destroyed their engines because of them. Go to mach1registry and do a search. Their's a million threads on it.
  3. My recommendation is don't do it! Any increase in performance is not even noticeable, and they have been known to cause a failure of the stock oil pump in the Mach 1 motors. Upgrade to a billet oil pump, and you will probably be safe, but then the performance bump isn't worth the expense and labor.
  4. Ive had several older mustangs and underdrive pulleys worked great on them thanks for warning me about the mach I's I definitley won't put them on it.
  5. I had pulleys on my '93 GT and never really had a problem unless I was sitting in traffic and then the temp would max out. Right after I bought my Mach I had a set of Steeda pulleys for my Mach right in my hands, but sent them back because they tried to screw me $30 extra on the price. Glad I did. I did'nt hear about the problems with them until later on.
  6. stay away from the pulleys
  7. I agree with everything people have said

    I was looking at it myself
  8. I agree, for the money you could do more effective mods and they would not have the risk involved. :D
  9. yea i'll chime in, i've heard a lot of bad things about pulleys for machs...
  10. I still see afew Mach owners who have pulleys written down as a mod in their sig mod list. Hot Rod magazine took a Mach 1 and put pulleys on it and dynoed it afterwards. The pulleys actually lost horsepower. So, overall their a wasted mod no matter what.
  11. Well I've been overseas for the past 3 years and I left an 89 coupe behind and I had a 01 GT with a few mods before I left. I still have the 89 which has been sitting in my back yard for the past 4 years :( . But the modulars are pretty new to me besides the 01 I had. I had pulleys on my 01 and it seemed to help. I never dynoed it so I can't say for sure but the car was running 13.60s with an offroad H-pipe, pulleys, and a 3.73 gear. But like you guys have been saying with the problems I've been reading about with the oil pumps on the Machs there is no way in hell I will put them on now, not to mention they don't gain much power on them anyway if any at all. Im going to put a 4.10 gear in the mach pretty soon and I'm considering putting some long tubes on it. Any suggestions on a nice set of long tubes for a Mach? Thanks for your help guys
  12. Can someone tell me how the underdrive pullies destroy the motor due to a failure of the oil pump? I don't see the connection. Does this also apply to the GT motors?
  13. I put BBK long tubes on mine and a friend put MAC long tubes on his. MAC has come a long way quality wise, his headers were spotless and great quality.
  14. crignaj the mach1 and the gt are 2 very diffrent cars / pullys are fine for a gt/and they worked on my old 97 fine
  15. Pretty simple really. The oil pump gears run off the crankshaft, underdrive pulley(s) increase the speed that the oil pump gears turn. They seem to work okay on the GT, so I have to assume the oil pump is not set up the same on the two valve motor vs the four valve, but I'm not sure.
  16. I think this has to do with the higher revving tendencies of the mach motors. A friend of mine just wasted his engine due to a failed oil pump on an NA cammed GT, so this would support this theory.