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  1. Well. I managed to save up a few bucks here and there this past year and I finally have enough to purchase new upholstery for my 91 vert. I can't decide whether to go with the TMI cloth or upgrade to the vinyl. I live in South Carolina and it can get pretty hot. Looking to get some advice from you guys to help me decide.
  2. My vote? NEITHER - go with Suede!!

    It's breathable, like cloth - but not itchy like the tweed/interlude woven material is - and it's a synthetic suede, so it's easy to clean!
    Shoot me a PM with your address if you'd like to see any samples of the vinyl, cloth or suede.
    The picture below is all of the colors we offer - CJPP's has these up on there site here:

    With this set up you'd get the upgraded side bolsters (more comfort and support) , a unisuede insert and the factory matching vinyl outer.

  3. Hmmm... I do really like those.
    Question, is it cheaper to order directly from you guys or go through someone like CJP or Latemodelresto?
    Just trying to stretch my hard earned dollars as far as they will go. :D
  4. That was a pretty sweet plug-in TMI, way to be on top of that :nice:
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  5. So this is what i got in my fox, ...what you got??

  6. Suede or neoprene gets my vote since to have a vert. Those micro fiber sn seats are good budget pieces too. I had those on a previous car.
  7. I like the 03-04 cobra style but dang... I didn't want to spend that much. I have a certain amount to spend I planned to get more than just the seat upholstery. Decisions, decisions.....
  8. I'm really trying to decide on mine as well. I like the way these feel so I'd like for these to be redone in suede or microfiber type material.
  9. Hey there- it will always be cheaper to purchase through one of our Authorized Dealers Like CJPP or LMR as we do not compete with our dealers (if we did, it wouldn't be long before we didn't have any! )
    And both of those dealers have great holiday sales going on, and free shipping on a lot of items - I'd shop around and see who's offering the best price.
  10. Nada.
    That is a V6 cloth seat - and we do not offer those patterns or materials. Sorry.
    We only have the GT and special edition (cobra, bullit, mach 1) packages available.

  11. LMR has the kits for $750 all day long with FREE SHIPPING - and that kit has all you'll need. Full Upholstery, front and back seats - as well as the two new molded front bucket seat foams. upholstery&vehicle=1979-93-Mustang
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  12. I saw that. :)
    I'll go with the guys over at LMR with what ever option I chose. I also need to order several other interior/exterior parts.
    I've had excellent service from LMR and their prices are very competitive as well. I'm waiting a couple of weeks for my bonus check then it's on:D
    Thanks for the info.
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  13. Im still not sure what i will do.
  14. Well, after much thought and deliberation, I ended up going with the factory looking vinyl upholstery. Mainly due to budget and lead time. This was my first upholstery installation and it took me about a day and a half to complete. I did take my time, clean, sand, repair, and paint the stock frames while I had it all apart. I also shampooed the carpet while I had everything out of the interior. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I didn't realize how badly the drivers seat had deteriorated until I sat in it for the first time after replacing the foam and upholstery. Wow..It's like driving a different car. The seat feels amazing. Plus my interior smells new. :) Here are some before, during, and after photos.

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  15. Nice looks great :nice:
  16. Looks great! Did you have any trouble?
  17. :nice: Looks good!
  18. that came out really good, I have considered tackling this myself but am kinda nervous
  19. Very nice!

    @TMI how does the suede wear, it use get those "bald" worn spots after about a year
  20. Thanks. Not really. I set up my laptop out in my garage and followed the LMR installation video on Youtube. They were using the 03-04 cobra style but the process was the same. I just took my time with it. I did use a heat gun to warm the vinyl a little to make it a little easier to work with.