Engine Useful Life Of The Oxygen Sensor

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  1. a mechanic did a test with a scanner and tells me that a sensor is failing, I did the test with my multimeter and I get these codes:

    KOEO: 34, 67
    KOER: 41, 91, 34

    I changed the oxygen sensors in 2006, perhaps already finished its useful life?
  2. Never can tell with those things man. Sometimes they last 100K miles. Other times... Not so much.
  3. What's done to your motor , Do you still have egr
  4. recently fixed the engine, the egr valve if I have. The idle is between 750 and 1000 rpm
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  5. Erase the codes, drive for a few days and run them again.
  6. We'll code 34 is egr for some reason my car with same code because I don't have egr anymore I put simulator in and bang no more lean codes so focus on code 34 the rest may be gone with it
  7. And my old mustang was 1993 hatch and I got 120 miles out of both o2 sensors then I sold it and may still be workin