V6 people: POST YOUR PIC

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Linz, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. cool people like you huh? I'll stick with THE traditional version... lol!! and what's with the baby thing? were you referring to my car?
  2. you bear a striking resemblance to your avatar...
  3. ****, i can't remember how to post a picture!
    how do i do it again lol, i tried to press the
    Manage Attachments button and then upload a pic, but nothig happened.

    even so, once I upload, how do I get it to appear instead of just show a link?
  4. i noticed that... :spot:

    and no i was refering to you starz :hail2:
  5. btw you need 100 posts for teh pix it's to keep spammers from coing in here and posting undesirables...
  6. guess what, i made my own thread to be an annoying post hor, just so i could show my picture and it still doesn't work.... :mad: :fuss:
  7. haha...well i only think it's funny cuz i had a really hard time posting a pic too...well and i just posted a link...i think. :rolleyes: i dunno, im so computer illiterate it's bad....i'm not dumb, just dont like to take the time to figure it out..hehe
  8. my gf and i where screwing around with my camera phone in the airport on the way to atlanta...

  9. :eek: OH MY GOD!!! It's Keano Reeves!! I loved that movie 'Bill and Ted' bro. Welcome to Stangnet!
  10. damn you have an awsome camera phone hybrid it actually looks like a real pic other then something made with 4.5 pixels like on my phone
  11. I really think my IQ goes down every time I read a post by 97v6Silver.
  12. linz i see your still a looker as always.


    UndrTheAZstrz, where or are you a cheerleader? Ive just seen alot of young ladies pose like that for cheerleading shots.
  13. :nice: Thanks hun!
    1st time I've seen a recent pic of you too!
    :drool: :nice:
  14. i dont think i ever saw a pic of Linz, is it posted in this thread??
  15. :nod: 1st page
  16. ahhh so thats the famous Linz who avoids all the boy's YIM's . LOL
  17. im still wondering why marvin thinks i look so weird? :shrug:
  18. eh why not. it's back from december though.

  19. funny shes always talked to me in the past..


    maybe its because i have the ability to look her in the eyes

  20. thats a lie, i post pics all the time! u guys know that, i think its because ive been here for a while, just i didnt post, and didnt visit... ever yeah