V8 And V6 Radiator And Fan.. (relays?)

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  1. So from what i can find. Both the 94-95 5.0 and 94-96 3.8L mustang use the same exact radiator and cooling fan.

    Is that correct? Reason i asked because on Americanmuscle.com and any other site list the cooling fan 94-96 ALL.

    The fan i received says its for a 3.8L mustang when looked up online. But i cannot find a fan for the 5.0 so it must be right. Now on to the my thoughts below:

    From what i know the v6 mustang is a 1speed fan and the 5.0 is a 2 speed fan.

    If thats true then the fan is not actually 2 speeds its the CCRM relay that controls the fan speeds. So the v6 CCRM only has a Low speed relay and the v8 CCRM has a low and high speed relay.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    says 3.8+5.0 - http://www.partsgeek.com/y39sp7n-ford-mustang-auxiliary-fan-assembly.html
    says 3.8L but i received this for my 5.0- http://www.partsgeek.com/6pwxjb9-ford-mustang-auxiliary-fan-assembly.html

    So this confirms the v6 and 94-95 mustang uses the same Fan but the relay is what controls the speeds and not different fan motors for the two engines.
  2. You are ALL OVER THE PLACE with this fan.

    It's MUCH easier to help you if you :

    A) Keep it all in one thread so that folks know what you've done and not done
    B) Follow some sort of method for troubleshooting

    A no kidding two speed fan will have 2 wires coming from it. One of those wires is a ground.
    A three speed fan will generally have three wires coming from it. The third wire is either a secondary ground or the third wire is another power feed wire.

    In your other post, you said that you could get the fan into high speed by using an override switch. That alone tells me that the fan was not malfunctioning. Something upstream of that fan was the problem. I believe I also left you a wiring diagram. Did you use it to check voltage at key points?
  3. Im just wondering about general about the fan. (for the most part im done with my car.)

    Is there actually two different fans for the 5.0 and 3.8L ?

    This just shows 94-96 ALL and the link actually says v6. http://www.americanmuscle.com/rad-fan-assembly-9496v6.html

    However you look the reviews and see people with Cobras and 5.0 with this fan with no problem which leads me to this thread.
  4. Seems to me the V6's had a one speed fan and the 8's had a two-speed. That's probably one reason why the OEM fans have the engine size noted with a sticker on top of the assembly.
  5. And the fan control is not 'smart'. There is a high speed relay and low speed relay in the V8's. Each output goes to the appropriate terminal on the fan motor. The 6's only had one relay (for one speed. Thus one 12V input on the fan motor; two wires total, including the ground). The 8's have two relays and 3 fan motor wires (low 12V, high 12V and ground).
  6. True. My stock fan says 5.0/4.6L on it for some reason. When I was at the junk yard the v6 fan indeed had a sticker that said 3.8l. My stock fan is fine but either these replacement fans are one speed (high-speed) and they don't make two speed oe fans

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