Victor Jr's too big for a street car?

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  1. I'm building a Boss blocked blower motor (331 or big bore 347) for my car this winter and am looking at a set of Victor Jr heads. I am looking for 500-550 rwhp and will be running a Vortech blower pushing about 10 psi. I still want to have some low end torque and am wondering if Victor Jr's would be a good choice. The other options I have narrowed my search to are AFR 185's or TFS FAC 190's. Thoughts please.................
  2. the afr 185's flow as much as the jr's while having a smaller port. the jr's are still a decent head, though.
  3. I’m probably stirring the pot here, but I think you should talk to Jay Allen (camshaft innovations). He’s a distributor for the TFS FAC stuff and can set you up with heads, including the right springs, top end, etc. Pricing is competitive last I looked. People are usually polarized for or against custom cams. I think it depends on the project. Yours seems a good candidate. If you’re against a custom cam, he used to offer a service to spec and OTS cam. I don’t know if he still does that. Seems like you know exactly what you want, but not how to get there. Jay really knows his stuff and can deliver if you are clear about what you want and you are willing to listen.
  4. Used to think the same thing until I saw what AFR heads really flow. NOWHERE near what they say. I'd take the eddy head any day of the week. Heli coils, more CFM, and better material. Wish I knew that before I bought the 185's.I bought into AFR's claimed numbers. :nonono: I did make power with them on a 302, but will always wonder what was left on the table compared to the Vic Jr's.
  5. I personally love my Vic. Jr.s they like rpms but once geared right (go upto 7000rpms will probably go higher when I dyno to see where power drops off cause it still pulls), and matched up with the right cam you can make some pretty good numbers. I haven't gotten mine dynoed yet but it is on my to do list here soon. Friend of mine has a buddy running a similar combo with less extreme flat tappet cam, and less compression making a little over 400rwhp on a 351windsor N/A.
  6. your compairing 185 runner to a 210 runner. and is this true about afr false flow numbers? i wanted to run vic jrs ($1550 assembled from summit) i figured for only $300 more the afr205 w/ .710 springs would be a much better choice... i hope this was not a mistake. but i also read that vic jrs flow #'s fall short from there advertised, thats what made me opt for the big afr. i got my 205's fitted with LS1style 2.08 valves, spring & retainers.

    but based on engine builds the 205cc afrs make substantial more power than 210cc vic jr's any thoughts on this ?
    Ford Head Flow Data and Specs
    interesting website i found, notice that some ( both afr and vic jr) flow #s fell short from there advertised.
  7. i would choose the vic jrs over afr 185, all 3 heads you listed would be great for street use. summit racing sells assembled vic jrs heads with mechanical or hyd roller springs cheapest price i have found around $1500 for both
  8. So the Victor jr's would give similiar performance to the 185's without loosing some at the low end?
  9. Yeah, I would expect a 210 head to flow more than a 185 for sure. but by the numbers they claim, it should be close hp wise. I'm not sure on the 205's or the Vic Jr's as I was just looking in their flow book for 185's. They constantly came in short. Sure all companies inflate a bit. But I recall them being short by 30-40 cfm claims. I know my machines shop has had customers send the heads back for a set that comes close to the number, on more than one ocassion.

    As far as a mag doing flow benching....would imagine the head comapnies give the best head they have for a mag flow test.

    My 185's made power, and I know the 205's did on a customers big bore stroker. 478rwhp on pump. 374 cid I think it was ? Hyd cam, naty thing, but streetable.
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  12. i have vic jrs on my 331 roller block and this motor makes 400 or so. a couple dyno runs have both been within a few numbers shy 400 hp to the re wheels. nothing spared building this motor. the heads were polished and the repop cobra dual plane intake ported to match heads and toped with a holley hp650 carb. the heads are the heart of the good power. i reccommend this set up to anyone. i also run hipo cast iron manifolds and still have great power and torque.
  13. yeah i agree about the mag tests, im sure companies have a special set of "out of the box" heads ready waiting to be donated for promotional use :nonono:
    its funny how a guy can build a identical motor seen tested in a mag and suprize suprize his motor is 20+ hp short of the mag build.
    i am copying a 575 sbf build, they used a .640 split solid roller, i am using .669 similar split duration solid roller, it will be interesting to see how it compares on engine dyno with more lift. once in car and blower on i will get it tuned on chassy dyno. i really want to see what it makes naturally asp.
  14. Your on a slippery slope. Pretty soon that blower will not be big enough. :)
  15. So, Darreld, since we're just chatting over here on Classic talk :D I'll be able to post up pics of the Steeroids and Hedman 88300 headers soon (you're still using those, right?) as my engine install progresses. Hopefully this will help other guys using a Steeroids rack and hunting for headers. Even if I have interference, at least I'll have a reference point and some cheap headers to show the interference on if I need custom headers or FPA headers. Ron Morris motor mounts give a little extra wiggle room . . .

  16. Are you saying you see a turbo kit in my future? :D Of course that would be in addition to the blower!
  17. Joe,

    That is the header I am using. I have notice that when I dropped the engine using Ron Morris's mounts the header is close enough to the rubber boots on the rack that it has melted them. The headers do work and did not require any modifications to work with the rack. I am sure with some minor dimpling I could have avoided melting the boots. I am interested to see if the headers fit te same with the Victor Jr's since they say the exhaust ports are slightly raised (like a 1/4" or something). I am also thinking of putting a spacer under the block where the it is bolted to the motor mounts. A 1/4" and there really can change the fit. I'll keep you posted it it helps.....that is if you are interested.

  18. I sent Jay a request for a custom cam for my combo. Thanks for the advice. I purchased the heads on a bit of an impulse so I hope Jay feels they will work. If I need to go bigger cubic inches I can also return my crank since I got it locally and go with a 363 big bore stroker if needed. I will buy the pistons once everything else is in place.
  19. Try to avoid that