Volvo 4V Head on 2.3?

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  1. All Merkurs use the same 2.3Ts as the SVO, TC and the Mustang GT 350. The only difference between the 2.3Ts is the EEC I think and some are not IC. The thing about the Volvo head is you have to plug all the oil holes in the head and redrill new ones that match up with the ones on the 2.3 block. This takes time and really knowing what your doing. Then everything has to be fabercated like the exhaust manifold, intakes, and brakets. Also I would stick to EFFI if you go thise route..
  2. Thanks for the help.
  3. Can I poke fun at this. LOL I am going to be nice and not.
  4. Those of you that think this is ever going to be "easy" once all the bugs are worked out are's not gonna happen. This will always be a difficult (or expensive) thing to do...not too say it wouldn't be fun once complete.

    There are more DOHC 2.3's running around then you know about as of them is in the low 9's or high 8's (can't remember).
  5. I would think its a hair more cost effective to just get a SOHC 2.3T into the 9's than to build a 9's DOHC 2.3T. But I guess it all depends on if your doing the work on the DOHC swap or paying someone to do it :eek:
  6. Well, considering you will almost certainly have to use an aluminum essy head (or a big shot of nitrous) to get a 2.3 mustang into the 9's...that's 1500-3000 dollars you have to spend on the DOHC head ;)
  7. ill have about 800 bux into my Volvo head,header,intake,and machine work and pistons with rings from Diamond......the pistons were bout 400 bux and the most expensive part of this............Hal :spot:
  8. Like I said it really depends on whos doing the work and what deals you get on parts doesn't hurt either. Just post some pic from time to time as you do this.