Walbro 255 lph FP install

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  1. Just bought a Walbro 255 lph FP. Someone want to run through the install procedure for me real quick?
  2. Get some spring lock coupler removers.
    Make sure you have little or no gas in the tank..
    Relieve fuel line pressure...
    Disconnect all hoses and lines going to the tank and drop tank.
    I haven't done this in a while but I think there is a seal you'll have to remove and replace. Either way once you have the tank out and all the lines off it's pretty much self explainatory.. just be easy on the unit as a whole taking it out and putting it in the tank.
    Get a Haynes Manual.. that helps too.

    Sorry for the lack of info.. haven't done this in a while.. I'm rusty on it.
  3. go to ford and get a filler neck grommet. trust me you'll need it.
  4. Agreed on the filler neck grommet. Swap it while you've got the tank down or you'll be taking everything back down to put it in after your first fill-up and gas starts pouring out the side of the tank.

  5. What exactly is the filler neck grommet (could you describe it) and how much will it run me. Anyone have a ford part number.
  6. Grommet = Rubber Doughnut.

    If I remember correctly, it was no more than 15 dollars at the local dealership. It is almost mandatory that you get a new one, because the old ones almost always leak once you drop the tank.

    Just ask the parts dept. for a "Fuel Tank Filler Neck Grommet" and the year/model of your car. They will know exactly what you are talking about (assuming reasonable personnel knowledge).
  7. mine was $2

  8. Damn, I got raped.
  9. Where did you get the fuel pump from?


  10. Got the pump plus the install kit for $99 SHIPPED from
    got here in about a week. Best deal I've found by far. Hope that helps. I just fineshed finals so I'm going to install early next week, I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Yeah i need a new gromet too. Get one before hand and save some time. Try to do it with a friend cause even a near empty tank is a little heavy and very awkward for one person. Also try not to get any dirt in the tank. Trust me it will be dirty up there try to clean it off as best you can.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I'm sure I can bribe on of my friends into helping me for the day with a few beers. :D