Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. You going to take it back to get tuned? Or finish her up?
  2. She's going back. We didn't get a chance to finish tuning the startup and idle. Kris may be eliminating the IAC completely. We also need to do a few more full throttle pulls.
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  3. That's my plan,....eliminating the IAC in favor of an old school FIDLE valve.
  4. Is FIDLE the same as a stepper IAC, or are they opposites?
  5. I was wondering the same thing.
  6. FIDLE is the acronym for fast idle.

    It's actually just a damn EGR valve that opens and closes based on IAT when initially starting the car cold. (So in essence, it's a controlled vacuum leak)

    The MAP sensor still meters the air as the EGR solenoid is ported off of a block off plate in the TB, where the PWM valve would've went. It opens on cold start up, lets in additional air, the MAP sensor corrects to add fuel, engine runs faster until it reaches whatever temp it's set to close at,....da-done-da.
  7. How much timing was in it? I'd say that was a success though for sure. It's going to make some serious steam when leaned on. How high are you planning on reving it?
  8. I believe Kris mentioned he had around 21 degrees in it. With the 100 octane fuel, he wants to bring it up to 26 or so. The cam should make power to around 6800 RPM, so we'll take it up there and see how it does.
  9. You're still planning on using the Megasquirt setup, right?
  10. Yeah, it's been assembled since December. That, along w/ the relay board, and my RF fuse block are all just sitting there,...waiting on the day I can feel your pain.
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  11. It hurts so good, Mike. Embrace it.
  12. 26 psi? I thought it had non mls head gaskets?

    fwiw mine made 954 at 26psi
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  13. 26 degrees of timing. We aren't going any higher than 20 psi with the boost.
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  14. #firstworldproblems
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  15. Gotcha. its still gonna make a truckload of power.
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  16. Believe me I already tried talking him into a set of mls gaskets like right now lol! But I can only do as asked, any aftermarket block build should get mls or copper gaskets in my opinion... no one with a good block ever stops at 14-15lbs!! The timing will depend on what we get away with on the plug if it needs less it will get less if it wants more and still looks clean so be it!
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  17. Is the 100 octane just for safety while tuning, or will this thing always run on 100?

  18. I'm gonna say it'll be a pump gas car. Can't see anyone putting the detail he has into a car that's essentially useless
    But that's just me being hopeful
  19. Its a turbo car, adjust the boost down run pump.
  20. I am assuming thats what it will run in general since thats what we're tuning with, with a full tank it should be good for a few hundred miles of cruising I wouldnt consider that useless at all. For just driving or low boost he could always run pump anyway but to each their own if you can afford to run good gas I dont see why you wouldnt.