Wanted :pics Of Carbon Fiber Hoods

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlueOvalStangGT, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. anyone? hey 9450, do you have pics of your car?
  2. Hey, seems you and Nik are the only ones who can't distinguish sarcasm and reality. Now I have to throw down two beat down's. :banana: You want carbon fiber hoods then that's fine by me. I can use a good chuckle now and then. :flag:
  3. Its Not Only That It Would Be Considered Ricer, But It Looks Absolutely Horrible. I Would Rather Own A Ricer Than A Have A Mustang That Looks Like Sh**.
  4. Now thats funny :rlaugh:

    IMO Carbon Fiber is a far superior material then fiberglass. I think everyone can agree on that. Now it’s up to the individual to paint it or not. That being said, my complaint is the way you chose to be “sarcastic”. You took what was a simple tech question and made it into a :OT: “Ricer” issue. Then again, I could be making too much of this. I guess I thought a "Moderator" would have a little more tact. My bad.
  5. BlueOvalStangGT here is my car.

  6. Thats sweet. Do you have "openings" for vents on top? If so is rain a problem?
  7. yes the vents are functinal and no rain is not really a problem, so far *knock on wood*
  8. Nice car! How much did the paint job cost minus the stripes?
  9. Hey, I kinda considered getting a CF hood to save some weight on the front end. I'm trying to get the car to as neutral a balance as possible. Frankly I dont care if its painted or not. It wont rust so paint to me is more money and more weight. I found some on the internet for 350 bux and I'm willin to spend that on a hood. Also, I plan on getting a bucket seat for the drivers side only. I know some would say that looks tacky, but I'm not out to win any looks contests (my paint is all scratched up as it is). I dont really car whats tacky and whats not. I just want my car to perform so if you dont care what others think and the price is right for a quality part do what you think is right. More power to ya blue oval stang!
  10. if its a black car than go for it, its not like it will be noticable unless you look close. :banana:
  11. Everyone seems to instantly jump to the conclusion that you only buy carbon fiber hoods for the ricer show-appeal. The fact is, it's better than the fiberglass and since it costs so much more, the build quality tends to be better. The best looking hoods I've seen have been CF, they were painted. The Saleen heat extractor is a badass piece.

    And if you are looking for a CF hood, keep your budget over $600 if you want a quality one, otherwise just stick with a well built, good looking FG one. It won't save you more than a few pounds by going CF anyway. If you really want to loose some weight up front, get some Aluminum heads and ditch your A/C :D
  12. 9450, that car is amazing