washing/waxing mustang....what is the best products?

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  1. HaHa thanks man. Seriously, I need to go head back to the store to get some new wax. I can't remember which # I usually get, I know the bottle, but get Miguiers pro line stuff, you won't be dissapointed!
  2. Because someone works at a paint store it does not make them "experts" in the product used to maintain the paint. Who you need to talk to is people who maintain paint not sell them aka pro detailers. It's as simple as login into www.auotpia.org these guys test the crap out of every product out there and share there findings. If something sucks they will definitely let everyone know.
  3. Personal preference:

    Wash-Gold Class car wash
    Meg's step 1 paint cleaner
    Meg's step 2 polish
    Gold Class wax
  4. Looks real nice. And if a fly lands on it...he'll break his neck
  5. Turtle wax Ultra Gloss
  6. i just used that exact combo on my new stang. unbelieveable difference, i have never used a clay bar until today and it is incredibly smooth. between the clay bar and the meg's 3-step my car looks better than i ever thought it could.
  7. I use Zaino.

    Z-7 Show Car soap and
    Z-5 polish with the ZFX Flash Cure

    The results were incredible. I'm sold on the Z-5 - Amazing.

    Every couple of weeks a nice touchup of Gloss helps.

    *I guess I should mention my car never sees rain.
  8. For awesome results I use Meguiar's Gold Class car wash and
    after I wash the car I use Meguiar's 3 step.After this my car
    looks immaculate! :nice: