well just bought a 2014 gt

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  1. Working at a dealership as a tech has its perks :)

    They off loaded the car today and I did the PDI on it. After I got back from driving it during the pdi I had to have it... traded in my 2006 Gt. Its a 2014 GT 6spd manual cloth seats. Red with dark charcoal interior. Just like my 06 GT. snapped some pics of it on my Iphone when we was gettting the paperwork done on it. Ill post some better pics tommorrow or this weekend..... UPDATE: more pics on post #9


  2. Nice looking car, and yes working a dealer has its perks;)
  3. Very nice. I'm still having trouble getting past that rear bumper license plate section, but otherwise...nice car over all. Love the blacked out taillights.
  4. Wow, not mad at all!! I used to be a GM tech, back in 06-08. Driving brand new Z06's was a treat indeed. I still have yet to come across a car that has scared me like the new Z06's.

    what rear gears do u have?
  5. 3.31 in it for now buts it seems quicker than my 06 with 4.10's.

    Probably going to throw 3.73's in it down the road

    yea I love when the gt500's come in. But I can't afford to buy one of those. but they have to be the fastest car I've been in.
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  6. What needs to be done on these cars to correct the speedometer when you change gears?
  7. Any significant changes from the '13s?
  8. If the gears were offered in the car from the factory we can go in change it at the dealership by going in and changing parameters in the programming. Anything that was not offered from the factory u have to use an aftermarket tuner. If your going to have the dealership change it I would have them install the gears for warranty issues. But being you used to be a gm tech your probably going to install yourself I'd go ahead and get an aftermarket tuner plus you will need it if you modify stuff in The future that the car needs a program for.

    Found this list of subtle changes

    2014 Ford Mustang changes

    New Color:
    Oxford White
    Ruby Red Metallic with Tinted Clearcoat

    Colors Removed:
    Red Candy Metallic with Tinted Clearcoat
    High Performance White
    School Bus Yellow (Boss 302 exclusive)
    Exterior Appearance Package 101A deleted

    FP6 Appearance Package (541) Added:
    Painted black outside mirror skull caps
    Painted black decklid spoilder
    Quarter window louvers
    18-inch painted black aluminum wheels

    FP8 Appearance Package (542) Added:
    Painted black outside mirror skull caps
    Painted black decklid spoilder
    Quarter window louvers
    19″ x 8.5″ bright machined aluminum wheel with painted black windows

    2014 Shelby GT500 changes

    Heated seats now come standard (except with Recaro seats)
    New Exterior Colors:
    Oxford White
    Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  9. took a few more pics.





  10. Thanks for the info!! Not sure if I will do it myself as rear end work is typically best left to the pros that do it all the time. My experience with rear end work is small and I live in an apartment without a garage now :(

    What are your plans with the car?
  11. Good looking car! Congrats
  12. Congrats on the purchase!

    Enjoy your new investment :nice:

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  13. basic stuff tint and wheels.

    borla axleback .... im debating 3.73's but I know before its all said and done It will have a roush supercharger (no time soon but eventually)so I might just stick with the 3.31 gears that are in it.. but I have changed my mind on previous cars and went a totally different route than what I had planned.

    what gears are you thinking of going to and what are in it now...... are you manual or auto...
  14. I have a manual with the standard 3.31 gears as well. All the 13+'s I test drove had 3.73's, so needless to say, this car felt quite anemic when I picked it up at the dealer. I was thinking about making a post asking people what their rpm's are at @60 mph and what gears they have. I wonder if I'm really getting any better mpg with the 3.31's than the 3.73's
  15. If the difference in mpg between 3.31 and 3.73 is a point of consideration, you bought the wrong car. I had that mentality early on. It's not going to help you. Throw on whatever you will have the most fun in, and don't fear the gear.
  16. Sweet car, OP!

    FWIW, I wouldn't let the plans to add a blower down the road keep you from going 3.73s now. Hoping to get mine installed in the Shelby this weekend. 3.31s aren't enough gear, period.
  17. the car is strong with 3.31's actually quicker than my 06 with tune and4.10's. But I know it can be stronger with 3.73's . I wouldn't stress the gas mileage not going to be that much of a difference anyways. Wasn't when I went from 3.55 to 4.10 in the 06. only reason I was thinking about keeping the 3.31 was with the roush supercharger it will be well over 500hp worried about hooking issues. Probably going to put them in anyways.all I'll have in it is cost of gears and install kit.
  18. Hmmmm. Might get the 3.73's put in.
  19. Go for it you'll love it.
    And I double checked today hooked up the Ids up to my car at work went into programmable parameters and had several tire choices and on the gears it had 3.31,3.55,and 3.73 to choose from. so any ford dealership can change it for you as long as you go with one of those gears.