Went for a ride in a '11 today

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  1. All I can say is WOW! :nice:

    For an N/A car they are pretty damn quick (even with 3.31s like this one had).

    IMO- You guys (and gals) who are getting 2011 GT 5.0s are going to VERY HAPPY with them! :)



  2. very nice, any interior differences from the 10? i think that is one of the most appealing features of the '05+ mustangs is that the interior looks slick, modern, and not so cheap.

    so did you get to dog on the 5.0 at all or did you have to take it easy?
  3. Even the motor looks gorgeous in the engine bay

    So are the "5.0" emblems available at the dealer yet??
  4. Don't know. If you look closely at the pic of the car you'll notice the GT side emblem and not the 5.0. Reason being, it's a 2010 w/2011 5.0 and 6spd manual in it.

    Take it easy? :rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol:

  5. Yes it does

    I doubt it. Like I said, this one was a 2010 w/2011 drivetrain
  6. Someone do a swap? or was it a factory car that way? I noticed the GT badges before i scrolled down i was about to throw up the BS flag haha
  7. Same here...
    Talk about a stock sleeper then...
  8. Considering he's from Detroit....i think he knows someone who has ties @ Ford or it's a preproduction mule or something
  9. :rlaugh::lol:

    No BS- I'll get more pics tomorrow if you're like? :shrug:

    The 2011s arent out yet. Bingo Mustang5L5 :nice:- I work for Ford and that's a 2011 pilot car. That's a 2010 w/2011 5.0 and 6spd manual. Hence the GT emblems vs 5.0 emblems
  10. does it feel like the advertised 412hp?
    cant wait to see how that responds to some boost
  11. Really? Go for it buddy with a 11:1 compression ratio.
  12. Why yes...YES PLEASE!

    What are the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times supposed to be?
  13. Jay does work for Ford. He knows lots of people. He's gotten me some smoking deals on items that coworkers were giving away. Car's they'd buy, they didn't like the wheels, they'd buy new stuff, and I'd buy their stock stuff and resell it.

    Jay, there is an article about a 2010 which still had the 4.6L (315FWHP) in the MM&FF magazine. With a CAI and tune it made 300RWHP and ran 13.1 in the 1/4. The new 5.0L is gonna be 100 more HP, so I can't wait to see what that will run. If I didn't buy the 2004, I'd consider one.
  14. Yea, that and hypereutectic pistons + powdered metal rods. Boost on this engine = fail.

    Color me skeptic, at least until Ford comes out with a boost-friendly version of this motor.
  15. Don't people boost on those 4 banger imports all the time. They run 10.5-11 compression and come with powdered rods and pistons.
  16. YouTube - Evolution Turbo Civic Blows Up
  17. I agree, the Engine looks great, even with that Plastic Intake.
  18. That's gotta be the cleanest factory Ford engine bay ever. The engine might actually make up for the gay tail lights. I hope they only do a 2-3 year run with this body style and then tweak it just enough to fix the stupid looking back end.
  19. I bet it'll take 6-8psi easy.....and really make the most of it! :nice:

    Hell, the guys in the Mach 1's with the Cobra Eaton top end conversion are running the stock 8psi pulley without breaking a sweat and they're running damn near that same compression ratio? :shrug: