what 2.3 fords came with a front mount intercooler?

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  1. Talking about a bad aditude :nonono:

    Well I think we established that there was no stock 2.3T FMIC and moved on to something else. This allows us to talk about simular items without making a new thread about it. As for the Google deal, I think that keeps you from having to pay in order to post here.
  2. the closest thing to a front mount ford intercooler would be the supercoupe, it had a front mount.
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  5. No offense to you, Stinger, you seem to know your stuff.

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  8. It has a built 2.3T motor out of an 88TC, fully ported head, 40bob upper/lower, crower sportsman billet 5.2 rods, t3/t4, tubular header etc..

    I've done 5 lug conversions on plenty of foxes, and yes I know about all the badass suspension svo's have, I use to own one, did you not read my previous post. Your trying to argue with me, why? Do you assume I think a 92 lx is superior to an svo? give me a break, I love svo's.

    This thread is pertaining to front mount intercoolers, lets not get into a brawl with members.
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  14. Now back to the FMIC, Why don't you use a Large NPR and the radiator you have? I know that you would have to make your own brackets for this but that is a small factor to do to have the Intercooler and Radiator that you want in there.
  15. man, what is it about this 2.3 forum? First, we get a couple dinkleberries from the 5.0 forums spewing crap trying to make themselves feel more important and better than us. Now, for some odd reason, we get people from the SVOCA forums bashing our forums and causing trouble over a single stupid bi-wing support question on a 92lx... and all the while we have newbies here that don't know how to search out an answer for themselves and would rather ask how get more power out of their NA 2.3 without a a turbo, spending any money, or lifting a finger.
    Common guys, get a life (both stangnet and SVOCA people).
    God forbid you act like a normal and descent human being and treat those you meet on the internet like those you meet in person.
  16. Lets get this back on the FMIC track so it dont get locked like the other threads have been.
  17. I've come up with three ways to interpret this...Haven't decide which one you meant... :shrug:
  18. I wouldn't own an SVO or an LX!

    GT 5.0's forever! Everything else is G A Y!

  19. lol OMG ekks fricking dee(XD for short), how did that get out of controll?

    anyways thanks for the help you guys I think I know what FMIC I should get and wha ti have to do...thanks for you rhelp guys
  20. Anything other than an intercooler post from now on will get deleted so save yourself the time.

    I try to get things like the big npr locally and I've kept my eyes peeled. I would love to try that though with next year's engine combo.