What are some good 6 letter and less license plate combos??

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by yellow1995Cobra, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. I would like to have a cool vanity plate when i put my car back on the road, i need some help thinking of some good 6 letter and less names..

    Thanks guys.
  2. 5.SLOW

    I always wanted that just to mess with people....more so since your gettin the blower.

  3. lol that would be funny.. All my chebbie friends always call it a 5slow too :lol:

    The names that come to my mind are

    8urvet - i dont think im ready to take that on
    pwrtrp - stealing that one from somone on this forum
  4. Same with me. My friend with a 96 Camaro just calls it "the point slow"

    It's funny cuz my car is actually faster than his....he even says so.

    I saw a thread once with a ton of names....it might have been on corral.

  5. Same with me, thats the way it goes :D
  6. STOCK :D

  7. ur2slw---You're too slow
    ybothr---why bother
    folome---follow me

    all can think of right this second
  8. Here's my little 6 letter plate. :)


  9. plate fits nicely with that.... :nice: :hail2: :banana:

  10. Z KILER
    FSTYEL - fast yellow
  11. I know this is gonna be a dumb question but what kind of intake is that on your car bishop.
  12. whenever i have the extra $ to get vanity plates, im gonna get

    5LTR SVT -or- SVT 302 :) So if you're in ohio, pleaze don't steal one!
  13. No, not a dumb question at all seeing that they haven't been produced since the mid 90's. Its a Saleen/Vortech (upper). THey stopped making them because basically the lower that it uses (a 351 truck lower) sucked and it didn't perform worth a darn. Then along comes the Holley Systemax II lower and since then they (the Saleen/Vortech upper) have been making a comeback. (using a Holley lower with it changes its peformance capibility dramatically.) I bought it mainly as a showpiece. My car is both a show car (and since I always liked the SAleen/Vortech Upper i hunted one down on the classifieds) and a drag/street car. I could have went with a intake combo that might have performed better, but IMO it certainly would'nt have looked as good and the performance increase would have been minimal (my lower is ported.)

  14. That is a sweet looking intake i just haven't seen one before what kind of price tag do those things rack up

  15. Thanks for all the ideas guys.

    Bishop - that plate is badass, and so is your car. You must love pulling infront of a vette and letting them read the plate :nice:
  16. i actually just sent in for new plates about a week ago. my 3 choices were

    SMKNGT 1 (or any number)
    1 HOTVRT or 1 HOT GT

    hopefully ill get one of them. :D