What are some good 6 letter and less license plate combos??

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by yellow1995Cobra, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. Keith, (Bishop), where have YOU been :shrug: A nice stang like that :nice: and ONLY 3 posts? You need to hang out here some more.

    BTW...what is that line that comes off the TB/Vortech connector tube and runs forward over the top?

    What kinda pow'r is that thing making?

  2. BLOWN

    It can be taken many different ways. It's actually taken in Florida, I tried.
  3. This is funny cause i was just thinking of a custom plate the other day

    heres one>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> c ya ls1. :nice:

  4. FAWKU2

    That has always been my favorite.

  5. 1BDSTNG, sorry you won't get this one in PA.
  6. 1BADGT is what I am putting in for. Of course I will have to do so serious mods to be able to back it up. And Bishop, your car is wicked looking. Good job!
  7. Thank you :) (I'm at 3 posts already?? Cool! :p )

    I intend to. I actually joined here a couple years ago, but couldn't remember my user name or password (the email I used then is now my ex-wifes, so I can't use the email notifier to get the old password :bang: )
    I am pretty much a creature of habit and just post over on the corral (4600 posts there and been posting there since 1997 :banana: )

    That would be my alcohol injection. Still kinda working some of the last little bugs out of this set-up, but its running pretty strong right now (considering at least that I am NOT using my 55lb injectors (got the 36's in right now) or my PMS. The PMS turned out to be the gremlin I chased all this year that was not letting the car run right (had it running like CRAP, to be honest!.) I am currently getting it fixed so at least next year (hopefully) I will be up and running as soon as the weather gets nice (I live in Ohio)

    This year I will be going to different gears. 3.73's are jsut too short now with the power level I am at. And also going to do some more suspension and rear end/axle upgrade. Currently I am running a UPR K memeber and control arms (and coil overs) upfront, and a panhard bar, Steeds double adjustable uppers and lowers. In addition to the aforementioned gear change (to 3.27's), I will be doing 70/30's upfront, 50/50's out back, lakewood lift bars, and a heavy duty rear end (eaton, 31 spline mosers, c-clip elminator.) Hopefully that should make it alittle more fun & tractable on the street :)

    Haven't had it on a dyno with this combo.

    Two years ago it made 422rwhp. That was with a 302, 10lbs of boost and edelbrock heads, stock cam, cobra intake and the usual bolt ons. Tuned via a Lidio chip.

    Last year I ran a new 306 with 8.7:1 compression JE's, 15 lbs, added the PMS, and tuned agressively running 110 octane gas (I did have another data set in the PMS for pump, but I never ran it all year :p Ended up running race gas the whole summer.) That combo made 475+

    This year I have (listed what is different from last year) a Fox Lake built 347, AFR 185 heads, ported lower holley and a Saleen upper, 1 3/4 longtubes, alcohol injection, Aeromotive fuel system and 55 lb low impendance injectors, 70MM TB, Ed Curtis grind cam, and a few suspension mods (like the K member)

    I didn;t even get the car on the road till the first of July this year. I spent I TON of time coming up with some custom stuff just trying to get everything to fit/work the way that I wanted it to. Then I ran it for about a month with out the blower belt breaking in the engine. Then once I got the blower belt on I encountered the PMS gremlin I mentioned. When i finally found the source of my problem, I ditched the PMS and went backwards alittle by hooking back up my FMU (using the 6:1) and BTM along with using the 36's. Without the alcohol injection it would be pretty lean with the 36's and FMU, but the way its "tuned" right now it only goes lean at 5800 RPM's (I data log everything with LM1 wideband I run.)
    Hoping that once everything is back on the car and working properly, it will put down something in the 575 range (but with a curve that hits EARLY with allot of torque! :banana:

    Oh, and to yellow1995Cobra who started this thread, sorry for stealing some of it :OT: :) (but at least you got a bump out of it :D )
  8. Ls1hah

    i like all of those, but for my stang i want this:
  9. I found out my state has a search engine for vanity plates to see if they are taken..

    Someone took RACE ME :mad: Man i would love to have that one

    But PWRTRP is available, ill have to try some more.
  10. 1fstgt
    8urvet (i saw that in a mag somewhere so i can't take credit for it)
  11. i found some of the rules my state has...

    **Vanity plates can be ordered for private passenger, commercial, motorcycle, livery, bus, camper or antique vehicles. All vanity plates must begin with two letters. The plate can be no more than six characters, or a maximum of five characters for motorcycle plates. Vanity plates cannot have letters and numbers intermixed. For example: "MY65MG."**
  12. how about


  13. wow..........thats a stupid rule :nonono:
  14. I dont have any 6 letter ones, but I have seen a lot of cool 7 letter ones here in Cali.
    LAST 302
    347 9PSI
    GO(')S 12(')S <-- Looked like he markered in the apostrophe's
    EST 1954 <-- On a C5 Corvette, but est 1964 would look cool on a stang :shrug:

    *Edit: Just saw your state has that letter-number rule, that doesn't even make sense. :nonono:
  15. blowme
    SSSSSS (i saw that on a cobra about a month ago)
  16. From my other love