What brand of hood is this?

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  1. And what is it worth in this condition? I'll need to get the deep scratches fixed, and also make sure the measurements are good. I don't want one of those 1/4" too short hoods. :nonono:

    Oh and it's measures aprox. 4.5" tall, so it must be a RR hood?




  2. Since it needs paint and work, I think it is worth only 40% of original price. For that I would use ABC exclusive as a good benchmark.
  3. Any hood will need paint won't they? Plus I can go pick this up, so no shipping. He wants $150
  4. I KNOW this hood will clear. :rlaugh: I'll know tonight if my Cobra hood will even come close.

  5. damn thats a pretty damaged hood for the price man i wouldn't pay over a 100
  6. Seriously? He's basically asking the price it cost to SHIP a hood. :shrug: Guess I'll wait and see what a body guy says.
  7. Gel coat is chipped. Any good shop should be able to fix that. If its basicly the cost of shipping then its a good deal.
  8. on second glance where is the mounting studs?

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  9. :shrug: I've asked him... no response yet. I wonder how hard they would be to replace if they are gone. :(

    BTW - the underside of the hood does resemble the ABC hood. :shrug:
  10. well i forgot it will be a oversized shipping rate i guess its fair to give him at least shipping cost but repairing a damaged gel-coat can really suck
  11. If they are busted you will have to cut into the hood, and some how mount a plate with two studs on it I guess. I have a stud broke on my 02 from where it sat on the ground for awhile. It makes it pretty shakey when shutting it and going down the track.
  12. He said they have nuts built in. So you put a bolt in the hinge. :nice:

    I just test fit my Cobra hood and it clears! It appears I'll have to notch the support just a tad once the tranny is mounted and the engine levels out. But it's doable.

    Now I have no idea what to do. I guess I'll offer him $100 and see what he says. I know the guy, he'll say no, and I'll lose a deal on a hood I've always wanted. Ah, such is life.
  13. Arent things worth what you're willing to pay? If you want it just go buy it.....

    btw Champion Fiberglass has some cheap real nice hoods.... idk if itd be cheaoer for you or not
  14. Very true.... I told him I would offer $100 based on the pics, then try to get over there hoodless (40 minutes away) once I get the car running and test fit it. Then I might offer more. Now I don't NEED the hood, and I've dropped a buttload on this car already.

    With that said. Got links to these other hoods? :rlaugh: