Forced Induction What Else Do You Recomend Before Boosting? Combo Inside

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  1. Guys, Im picking up a car next week. Planning on an On3 turbo. Here's the combo so far, what changes do you recomend besides bigger injectors and maf and higher rear gearing? No automatic suggestions please! This wil be just a street car/ weekend toy, not drag racer. Will plan on keeping boost level around 8-10 due to the block.

    Here the info....

    dss level 10 block that is .040 over actually making it 333 in. 9.6:1. It has a dss 331 sx rotating assembly w/ the main support, all forged, it has a mild crane 2020 cam. It has edelbrock RPM heads with port and bowl work they have ferrera 2.05 int. and 1.60 edel. int. It has 1.6 harland sharp rollers, comp 6.050 pushrods ,new F.R. lifters, new comp. timing set, new f.r. h20 pump, trick flow track heat int w/ 70mm. T.B., moroso kickout 8 qt. pan,pro-m 75mm maf. bbk 1+5/8 long tubes 2.5 h-pipe and mac 3in. produmps. Alum. drive shaft. 373 rear

    Thanks for your help
  2. Maybe a custom ground cam but thats just me
  3. If my car had all that done to it, I'd just drive the piss out of it! I have a mild HCI upgrade and it gets me excited thinking about driving it. But a 333 that's eventually gonna be turbo'd? That'd get me in too much trouble lol
  4. min 42lb injectors ... I would run 60s if it were me . Fuel fuel fuel ! look into a magna fuel pump . Figure out what you are gonna tune with . Ditch the on 3 BOV and waste gate an order a tial . That's off the top of my head ... friend had a on 3 76 mm turbo on a 331 motor car was FAST
  5. Tial most def.
  6. Might call up Ed and get custom cam once everything else us set. Gotta finalize the rest of it first
  7. recommendations on maf? Im thinking 95mm pmas with 60# injectors
  8. I wouldnt go 60 i would go 55 but thats me. Along with a 80mm maf
  9. I think you're on the right track. You'll be fine with any of those injectors at that boost level. You'll probably be in 500rwhp neighborhood at 10 psi. Stock blocks don't like any more than that, anyway. The PMAS and 80mm are both good MAFs, just make sure that they're calibrated to your injectors. The wastegate, IMO, is a definite upgrade, and Tial's a good recommendation. If On3's fails, that's likely to cause engine and turbo failure. The BOV won't cause engine damage if it fails, but could eventually cause turbo damage, but you should know if it's not working because of the sound the turbo and WG makes. Good luck with the build!
  10. There's ALWAYS going to be this thing or that thing to upgrade. Some are necessary while others are not. For me... Necessary means having the ability to keep tabs on it all in order to know what may or may not require upgrading. So here's my list:

    Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Vac/Boost Gauge
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  11. The 95mm maf and 42's will be enough, first off they support 500rwhp+ which is more than the block can handle, second, things start to get complicated running injectors larger than that.

    With that said, a dss engine with an on3 turbo kit sounds like a time bomb to me.