What Ever Happened To The Good Ole Days?

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  1. Yea, I don't know numbers yet, but it's making a LOT of torque. I was driving in the rain last night, and at 60+ mph, in 3rd gear with the converter locked, it'd break it loose if I just rolled into it a little bit. :D

    And on top of all that, I'm not running a whole lot of timing in it down low. Starts at around 9 degrees at 1500 rpm and edges up to 13ish by 3000. The guy who ported my blower also does some tuning, and he said that it definitely needs to be at around 12-13 (or more) off idle, and go from there. He said that extra few degrees down low will make a very significant difference in the torque down low. And that's what it needs. If this car would cut a 1.6x 60', it'd run in the 11.3x range fairly easily (which would break the SVO record of 11.49).
  2. FI or go home. Doesn't matter what size motor, I've never seen a DD car that somebody drives everyday, all motor and fast these days. I'm talking not what passes a street car car class, but a car you open the doors, get in, crank up the AC and drive across the country on radials and pump gas that doesn't shake your brains out by a big block, high compression, big cam motor.

    2v and 4v mod motors are just like other V8 motors. The respond well to boost. The biggest advance in all new motors to live at high hp levels is adding meth injection and solid tuning. I'd have no problem DD a 500rwhp stock bottom end 2V PI. No streetable NA 2v could even touch that.

    Shoot, I took my wife's new loaded Altima out to the track. Thing trapped 100mph while PI cars were trapping 97-102mph in street trim with mods in a 2000ft DA. After owning 3 2v's, my wife's car would beat a stock PI 2v from a 60-140mph pull. Easy to see why FI is the answer.

    Roots/Twin screw blowers are great for the 4.6, because of the lack of torque. GM is the exact opposite. 1 in 25 FI cars run them. It's all Centri/TT.

  3. Yup, agreed. About the only 'relatively' fast NA street car I can think of is a C6Z. And even then, you're only talking maybe 525 rwhp before it starts losing that OEM appeal.

    And about the roots blowers/GM. I also agree with that. But one of the fastest true 'street cars' I've been around is a TVS blown G8 GT. Thing is downright nasty, something like 10.4s in the 1/4 on 18" radials. Stock exhaust. Driven to and from the track, and every day. Usually with his wife riding. And enough room for 2 more grown folks in the back. Now THAT'S what I call a street car.
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  4. Will, mine did 9.6, driving to the track with the top down, no skinnies, and no wheel tire changes. No bias plys, just drag radials, and a 600 round trip drive to the river house after 4 back to back 9.6-9.8 passes, but I did add 5 psi in the rears for the highway. Here was our car groups last outing. Pretty fast street cars with full AC, DD, etc.

    Not sure about that show, but the fastest "real" street cars as a group are here in Texas. DD cars. That's why the Super Bowl if street racing, TX2K is held here.

    The Supra and Viper are both not street cars. My buddies black WS6 has gone 8.30's that is in the video.

    View: http://youtu.be/DgfCi8O_yUM
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  5. The hell you say. :p

  6. :D