What Gauges To Install?

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  1. I am in the market for some gauges for my 90 mustang. I am installing a v3 blower and I am at a loss on what particular brand is reputable now a days. Im looking for AFR, RPM, Boost, Fuel Pressure and possibly a temp gauges. My car temp does work but when I turn on the lights it goes up and goes back down when off? Do I need 2 separate gauges for Fuel pressure and AFR? What do you seasoned vets recommend?
  2. Normally I would ask your budget but I think I know where this is going.

    I will ask this though... Do you prefer digital or analog?
  3. Probably digital .. Where is this going? My budget is for quality gauges.

  4. And yet, you asked anyway :shrug:
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  5. Ah yes.... There's quality and then there's "OMG! YOU SPENT WHAT???".


    Ok... So digital gauges (with your analog panel but whatever :D ).

    You can pretty much take your pick. Just make sure that the brand you're looking for makes all of the gauges that you want.
    If you plan to throw a wideband O2 meter into the mix, then I would decide upon THAT first. Go with the gauge set that matches the ones that your wideband manufacturer uses.

    Plan it all out ahead of time so that you're only buying your gauge pillar ONE TIME. This has the added benefit of getting matching gauges that you only have to buy ONE TIME.

    Then I think you'll be set! :nice:
  6. Again.. Where do you think this is going?
  7. I already posted it. I've been here long enough to see this question before. When I think of it, I try and ask the question first. That way, I'm on the right road. :)
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  8. No but if you know enough to ask the question then you should know enough to be able to tell a quality set from and Ebay Singapore set. There's no real 'one brand'. There are several companies that make quality gauges. So spend what you're comfortable with and purchase that quality set.

    If you have a question about a SPECIFIC set of gauges that you're looking at, post up a link and you'll probably find good feedback (positive or negative) for that specific brand.

    No single person on this forum has tried them all. Nearly ALL have tried SOME though. :nice:
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    Fair enough
  10. Anyone want to chime in on some real info that might help me? Like Auto meter is good / or they dont hold up. Or xxx is the best out there thats what I like and know lots of ppl use them.. It seems some ppl would rather argue than address the question I asked.. " My first post states "i am at a loss on a particular brand" so that would suggest that I dont know "who" makes quality gauges.
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  11. Nobody is trying to argue with you. Check out page 69 of the link I gave you. You can go mild to wild man. You've given no information about price, look, goals, or even whether or not you want it to match your current gauges.

    You got the best advise I could give you until there's a little more direction.

    All of my gauges are from Innovate. The faces on them are similar to the faces on my OEM dash and they have nearly the same amber color back light the rest of dash has.

    I've always said that it doesn't need to be stock but it needs to look like it 'could' have been.

    Not everyone has the same preference that I have.

    So what are YOU looking for? Provide a little direction.
  12. I see.. now we have a manufacture.. Innovate I will check into.. I really dont care about the paticulars just a good company cause when I go to the company I will see what I like.. It could be mild or wild. It could look like OEM or far from.. I just dont have an opinion.. I just want a reputable gauge...

  13. You preference doesn't matter until you find a look that you're after. It may never matter at all unless you plan to KEEP the car and wake up one morning looking at a hodge podge of gauges.

    If you find what you like and plan it out now. It'll look sharp (at least to you) and you won't have to replace gauges that you end up not liking down the road.
  14. I prefer to not clutter up my car with gauges. Only one I added was the PLX multi gauge with wideband afr and boost solenoids. Works for me
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  15. Ok obviously my thinking is way lower than your Noobz.. I was just looking for reputable gauge manufactures . I will figure all the other stuff out when I find this company.. ie Innovate, auto meter, aem, etc.. let me explain.. I dont care about analog or digital nor do I care about mild or wild, all I need to know is who makes a good gauge. I will decide them factors after I find a reputable company that makes them... I appreciate your input but we think differently. Ill be the dumb one thats cool.. Just please give me some manufactures of good quality gauges and let me sort out the bezel's and color, mild or wild, digital or analog. I will find what I like and plan it out but first a few good company's would be a good start so I can browse.. lol
    again thanks for your help
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  16. Excellent advice.. now we cooking..
  17. Really all comes down to personal preference on what look you like. Just font use harbor freight gauges and expect them to be accurate or of high quality :rolleyes:
  18. I was looking at the 3 pod a pillar with 52 mm gauges. just not sure on which brand to populate the pods...
  19. lol come on... thats exactly what I dont wanna do.. Im not asking for help choosing the correct color or etc