What happened to the 2.3 Stangs?

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  1. wow...I haven't been around in a while but I remember this site hoping with 2.3 stang people? So where did everyone go?
  2. yeah i would think there would be a lot more guys thinking about the 2.3l turbo set ups now.....i've discovered the all the benefits and can hardly wait for my new set up .....
  3. 2.3's get older every year...think about it, the newest 2.3L Mustang is now 17 years old. More and more of them get turned into beaters, that's just the way it is, and people move on.

    I personally just sold my Turbo Coupe last Friday. Hadn't driven it in 2 years and decided it was time to let it go. Kinda sad, but I'm also hoping to soon be looking for a 2005 or 2006 GT :)
  4. Yes sir, I sold my 2.3s as well but were all the Talk and Tech threads?
  5. Still here and I check in every few days. Not enough traffic in this forum unfortunately. Keeping the '93 stock and loving it. She's off at the paint shop this week. I'll post pics when I get it back. Got this car in Nov. 08 and I've been cleaning/fixing/replacing everything I can afford to on her.

    As she sat this morning before I semi-leagally drove her without headlights to the painter. (I had an escort I drove behind though)

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  6. I just joined the club

    I purchased my 92 2.3L three months ago and converted it from automatic to 5-speed. I plan to fix her up and keep driving her daily. I am with you brother. :flag:
  7. Cool,

    I still have a soft spot for the 2.3Ts :nice:
  8. I meant to have pictures up way before now, but here is how she sat when I picked her up and one with all the lights on. Sorry for the bad cell phone pics, I have a decent camera just need to take some with it.

    I have restored all the trim and it all came out great. The only pieces I couldn't make look good again were the door belt mouldings. Those will be on my Christmas list. The headlights are new too btw. I will try to get some better final pics up soon.

    My next project will be redoing the headliner. I've already got the material, just need to take time to do it!

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  9. 2.3 newbie here - i've noticed there is a LOT of 2.3 forum boards too, so the few people that are involved seems to split their time amongst one of the many other boards.

    so far i've found moddedmustangs and allfordmustangs the most active, but since i'm a newbie here i really don't have anything to compare it to.
  10. This place used to be a lot more active, but anymore it seems like there's just fewer regulars around on this particular board.
  11. I think all the old timers got their questions answered and forgot stangnet!
  12. I think most of them have moved on...myself included, my Turbo Coupe was sold 2 months ago.
  13. I still have mine!!!!! peace

  14. Usually I just look at the tech section of the 2.3 forum.
    I have two 2.3's. One is in an '88 t-top car with 237K on the car. The engine is painted blue so i dont know what the mileage might be on it.
    I also have a '84 SVO. That is my toy.
  15. there's lots of 2.3's out there...i see them on craigs list every week.
  16. I just bought a 93 mustang LX a week ago and I'm thinking of either doing a 2.3 Turbo swap or go to a 5.8 v8 mine is all stock with 127,000 miles 2.3 automatic sunroof but for some reason while driving it home the tach,battery,fuel & temp gauges quit working and the speedo jumps sometimes and I have no idea why??
  17. I have a pair of 2.3s I have a 92 LX and an 84 GT Turbo Convertible. Having problems with 93. I ran codes on it and I am getting Fuel Pump circuit open connection -- Electronic Control Assembly to the battery. No clue what it means. Would appreciate some help from the proud 2.3 guys out there.
  18. I just found this forum and it seems to be right up my ally!!!! I have a 1987 Ford Mustang 2.3L. I have been a proud owner for about 8 years now bout it when i was in middle school thinking it would be a great project. Got it outta a junk yard put about $2800 in it the first 7 years and she runs like a champ but I love the pony to death!!! :lol:
  19. I just got my 2.3 tonight

    Its a 1993 automatic 2.3 convertible. The body is in great shape. Needs paint and a a good cleaning in the interior but it runs great. I can't wait until this weekend and I can start cleaning her up and making a list of things to buy. Oh, my car came with a brand new a/c compressor. I was thinking about buying a conversion kit for the a/c that brings it up to current standards. How much are those kits? Anyone ever did the conversion to their a/c?


  20. I have taken a 2.3L sabbatical. I did the turbo and T5 swap on my 1990 but quit working on it because of the rust it had. I came back to the forum to notice that it is dead too.

    I am glad to see some familiar names on the boards here but it looks like Stinger and Bhuff are absent. I am also quite thrilled with the development in the aftermarket for 2.3T parts.

    I have recently picked up a rust-free 1993 Hatchback and have 2.3T fever again. It is under the knife for installation of my 2.3T parts and will be yanking the stock 2.3 and A4LD today and beginning the 2.3T wiring conversions.