What Headlight Bulb Are You Using??

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  1. So after the car has sat for many years, I changed out the headlights but the bulbs havn't been changed since the late '90s.
    I know that technology has changed tremendously since then so I wanna update those to a better bulb.

    What do I get or look for when browsing the light bulb isle???
  2. I think SN95 bulbs can be used but I am not certain. Since my car will be in the shop this fall, I am planning on Retro fitting some HID's and projectors in mine but the 9004's or H4's are the stock bulbs
  3. Not much really. You can only do so much with a halogen bulb. All the different builds today promising brighter lights are just coatings.

    I think I have Silverstars, but don't expect HID quality light.

    Short of projector HiD retrofits....not much you can do to upgrade
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  4. So the coatings just change the color slightly then??
  5. Well there's not much you can do to a tungsten filament. You can increase the wattage but then you run the risk of burning up the wiring or plugs.

    The coatings change the color spectrum to one more easily seen by the human eye. However coating reduce actual light output. Another unfortunately is that the best colors easily seen by the eye is the color if the sun...that ugly yellow oem light color. All these blue, higher k bulbs are actually dimmer to our eyes...but look cool.

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  6. Silverstar Ultras
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  7. i dont think i even haz any bulbs in mine. Hasn't been out in the dark for long time, too many four legged antlered fuggers around here just waiting to run into you :cool:
  8. GE nighthawks are one of the best bulbs out there.
  9. I tried one of those HID light kits twice and could only get one light to work. The other side would light up if I unplugged the one that lit. But with both plugged in, only one would light. And that was with two different HID kits.
  10. with our lights, you need the dual HID lights which require you to plug them into a power source. Maybe you had them hooked up wrong?
  11. HID kits in a diffuser reflector housing is just glare waiting to happen
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  12. sylvania silverstars FTW. Not sure about the foxbodies, but in the jeep community we install another relay and fuse in the light harness to prevent voltage drop at the bulb and it substantially increased light output.
  13. It can/should be done to the fox as well. The wiring is probabl barely adequate as it is.
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  14. Some 10 year old silverstars.
  15. I really don't want to get into splicing wires or adding different lights other than the stock like attributes.
    I'm really just wanting the plug n' play, best type stocker one of today's tech :flag:
  16. It was a kit I bought from Mustangs Unlimited. It was a plug n play kit, or supposed to be. but it was a single HID set up, no high beam, low beam only.
  17. 99.9% of the time my fox is a daytime toy so the Silerstars are ok for me
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  18. That's how it is to me as well. My car turns into a pumpkin when the sun starts to go down, so i rush it back to where i store it. :)
  19. the sun must never come out in Mass. It's been a pumpkin for years now.