What is an Acceptable KAMRF?

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  1. :banana: Jason does have EA :banana:

    I read those posts more than once and I just missed it :(

    Yes EA does talk about using the inj values :)
    It does a very good job of explaining the details :nice:

  2. Sorry Grady, I do have EA. I will add that to my sig.

    BlackVert - The help folders in EA are about as helpful as the TwEECer Manual :nonono:
    They actually give very good detail on what is on that page, but there is no big picture stuff. I think if you download the sample from Clint Garrity you will be able to view the help folders, but I am not sure.

    I found the Injector Slope tab in EA a few minutes ago, and ran one of todays datalogs through it. I now have a new file to try tomorrow morning. :cool:

    I am trying to keep notes on what I am doing, in hopes of producing a big picture type guide to using the tweecer. There needs to be a document for a noobie, who may not fully understand all of the concepts and terms, kinda like me :rlaugh:

    In the afternoon I always drive with the running lights on, and the vent on low. Maybe I'll run a couple of my DLs from today and see what I get.

    Thanks again guys.
  3. Sweet!
    I ran the new Injector Settings into work this morning, and there was a difference. Especially cold start.

    I guess when I read the Tweecer manual I took the injector setting discussion to be firm changes that needed to be made, and that diviation was not needed from the settings that were listed in the manual.

    Thanks again. :hail2:
    You guys got me going in the right direction :banana:
    Look out world here I come.:crazy:


    Grady - pm returned