What kind of flowmasters are these

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  1. I am not sure what kind of flowmaster mufflers I have. I purchased my car used. Anyway I found a few different set of numbers 4809812, 5123502, 5351481, 5444197. I looked for these numbers on the flowmaster website, but I didn't find anything with these numbers.
  2. Try contacting the closest flowmaster dealer, they might be able to help you out:shrug:
  3. That is a good idea. More than likely it's the 40 series, but just curious to find out what model. I do like the sound of the car.
  4. Exhaust Clip:)
  5. Not sure if you ever figured this out or not. I saw this a while back and had the same question, because I bought my 06 used and had similar Flowmasters that I couldn't figure out what they were. I eventually bought some stock GT mufflers for $40, b/c the drone was too much and they were not neighbor friendly.

    I forgot about this (I have similar flows on my 66), but if you look at the flat part on the outlet side (basically next to where the muffler tip is. On the opposite side of the muffler there should be a number stamped on (mine was 42443). If you go to Summitracing.com or some other site that number will tell you exactly what you have. I think mine are 40 series 2-chambers or something like that. Mine were basically made by cutting off the exhaust tip off one end and the connecting tube off the other end, and welding it up to the flowmasters. They had to totally reconfigure how the muffler brackets were mounted as well. You can still see the Ford part info tape around the top of the muffler where it connects to the cat-back pipe.

    I hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will check it out tomorrow. Regarding the sound clips, the car sounds much better in person. I don't think you are going to get a good sound clip using a digital camera holding it out the window.
  7. All of those numbers are US Patent numbers for Flowmaster. None are the part numbers. The part number is usually etched into the front or rear of the muffler body...


  8. Thanks, I found the number it is also 42443 which are American Thunder 40 series.
  9. Get a Prochamber now:nice:
  10. 42443 is offset offset 2 1/4 Why did someone put 2 1/4 mufflers when the car comes stock with 2 1/2 all the way through?
  11. They may be 2.5's, but the change in sound is considerably different than the stock GT mufflers. Mine were really deep and loud. Even though I liked the sound, I bought some cheap stockers because I like my neighbors. There is definitely a difference between stock and those flowmasters (but as expected not much difference on the butt dyno or the G-Tech)...
  12. They're not 2 1/2s. That's why I'm askin. :) I've got atleast ten 42443's on my shelf... they're 2 1/4 offset/offset.
  13. I am wondering if by being 2 1/4" offset I am losing hp and torque.
  14. I don't think anything really noticable. I just don't get why someone would put 2 1/4 mufflers on a car that, from the factory, comes with 2 1/2 inch exhaust.
  15. Not sure what the previous owner was thinking, but overall satisfied with the sound.
  16. No doubt. Like I said.. I don't think it's really hindering the performance. Just something I noticed. :nice:
  17. 2 1/4 is stock for a sn95?
  18. mayby the previous owner got them for free ..?? None the less as long as you like the sound go with it. Just look into getting an O/R H pipe and youll be set !