35th Anniv what makes a 35th?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by scruffyduck, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Hi new to forum I have a 1999 gt con. black and wondering if all 99s
    are 35th anniverseries?
    thanks for any info!

  2. see www.mustang35th.com under "facts". That is a real "Limited".
  3. thanks I think I have a limited

  4. So you have the two-tone interior/rear deck lid applique'/hood stripe/unique wheels/scoops/etc.? Cool. Be sure to register your car with the site and you will receive details about your GT.
  5. What is wrong with that guy who runs that site? he never updates it when he says he will and he never replys to any of your emails.... I think there have only been 2 or 3 updates to the site this year, and last year he was gone like 6 months.... I think someone else should host the mustang35th site.
  6. Oh yea, and where are you from scruffyduck? I live in illinois also, and my sister lives in O'fallon which is southwest illinois. Are you going to the mustang show in Alton, Il on the 16-18?

  7. Honestly, I don't know. I speak/email with David occasionally and he is still very much into the "Limited", but in reality how much can you talk about? I find myself asking the same thing from time to time. I moderate the forums and its sorta quiet most of the time. Just having the site as a point of reference is a great thing. And if anyone asks a question, someone usually answers pretty quick.
    I go there everyday as a matter of fact, so someone does "mind the fort".


  8. Speaking of IL, I'm heading up this week from GA...visiting relatives above Peoria. Nope, not in the "Limited" :notnice:
  9. I live about an hour and a half north of peoria. Where in illinois are you gunna be?
  10. Chillicothe.... :notnice: kinda boring.
  11. ya its black and silver interior with the hood sticker
    car is black with scoops and it is a convertible 5 speed with 55000 miles
    I live in fosterburg illinoi just north of alton where is the mustang show?
  12. I must agree.Mustang35th.com is a waste of time other than getting the facts on the 35th.I've tried to register my car to get the build # about 100 times and he never answers the [email protected]!#t or get off the pot. :fuss:

  13. Sounds kinda strange....are you actually registering your car to the "registry" or just to the forums?...sorry to ask like that but some have been confused by that. He lost some info a while back when the server went down...you could try again. Or pm me your info and I'll see what I can do.
  14. Ive registed with the 35th sight a few weeks back and still no info back!
  15. Yeah, no one has heard anything about that site in months... The guy who runs it is an unreliable lier and i will have nothing to do with the site ever again, besides maybe go on it now and then to show friends some info on the 35th mustangs, that is if the site is still up! The guy who runs it never updates it or anything.
  16. are there any other sights available to get that kind of info on your 35th?