what mod should i do first

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Holik95, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. okay..im kinda of a newbie to this kinda of stuff so bear with me....i have heard the smaller the pulley...is not always the best soooooo......why not the 2.76???
  2. alot of good things coming from these guys. I started out the same way you did, welded in flowmasters when I got the car. now it has the following

    2.76 billetflow pulley w idlers
    jlt rai
    mac o/r h pipe
    billetflow irs brace
    mgw shifter
    raptor shift lite
    hilton boost overlay
    mm full length subs
    predator tune by Amazon.

    a few good places to research would be modularfords.com and svtperformance.com but like UM said, post before you buy, alot of people will have a good idea what works and what is junk. the 03/04 has been out a while so learn from others mistakes and take the good stuff and run with it.
  3. When the upper pulley gets too small you can run into belt slip. With a 2.76 you'll need some good idler pulleys to ensure you get the most belt wrap possible. Personally if someone wants to push the Eaton to 15lbs and they don't mind spending a little more for their pulley combo, I'd recommend a 2lb lower and a 2.93 upper. You get almost the exact same PSI (15.2 vs 15.1) but with less potential for belt slip.

  4. u dont need to get a tune for CAI???
  5. Not on a bone stockm 03/04 Cobra, no. They came pig rich from the factory. That's why the addition of a CAI can give you such a big performance increase!

    Now to get every last ounce of power out of the CAI some tuning would be required.