What rear wheel hp stock?

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  1. Ok ..well here a the weights by a Certified Truck /Car shipping company S197..3,476 and the Mach 3,469 .:rolleyes: :Granted its only 7lbs but lighter . Thats the only thing you disagree with out of the 10 ? :shrug:
  2. Well if you want me to completely dissect it...

    1) Where were they supposed to put the hand brake?

    2) Granted

    3) My Colour option is pretty cool if you ask me

    4) Brakes work fine, as good as a Mach 1.

    5) More comfortable that any SN95

    6) Granted

    7) Not as heavy as many people think

    8) Ordered mine in November 2004, paid $2000.00 BELOW MSRP.

    9) Works fine, cleaner looking engine bay.

    10) Disagree, no local Mach 1 has gone faster/quicker than me stock or mod for mod...
  3. Now youre in Denial.:p..but come to N.C. and Ill disprove youre # 10 myself without the bottle ! Btw I showed you my dyno sheets and times so wheres youres ..???????? :shrug:
  4. My DynoSheet...


    #10 is already proven.

    Mod List from another Stangnet member and his 2003 Mach 1 with his best times listed.

    My Best 13.39 @ 101 with SLP LM axleback, SCT X-Cal 2, MGW Short Throw Shifter, Mickey Thompson 26/11.5/17 Tires.

    Video proof of it.

    YouTube - TGJ 05 Mustang GT VS Ford Super Duty Diesel

    Who is in denial?
  5. So are you saying you're here to participate in some objective conversation with fellow members of the Mustang community, or are you just here from another board to troll for trouble by enticing unneeded arguments?

    If you're here to talk Mustangs and can remain civil, stick around and have fun. There’s plenty to read here and a great bunch of guys to learn from and shoot the bull with. If your plans are to become disrespectful and antagonistic for no other reason than to "stick it to the S197 crowd", I'm afraid I'm going to have to show you the door! :nono:

    The choice is yours my friend. :)
  6. Hey .:shrug:..it is in all good fun until the above poster say he can outrun every Mach hes ever seen.Which we all know is wrong including you. Im not a newbe in the Mustang world ..owned 5...or unknowing ...Certified Ford Tech. Not here lookin for a fight but if YOU let one of youre own members call YOUR car a POS. Now thats Disrespect! But that seems to be the way alot of S197guys try to earn it !Door open :nice:or closed ? :ban:
  7. Would you like a towel for your tears?

    I have seen videos of Mach 1 that would destroy my car. That said, the FACT remains that NO local Mach 1 that I have seen or heard about has gone faster/quicker than me and you don't like it.
  8. Still in Denial .:shrug:.huh ok..:nice:. you win...in youre Mind ....see Moderator I told ya !
  9. Still crying huh?:rlaugh:
  10. See TGJ.... even the Mod Brian...says you and this guy are wrong.So :Zip2:I just had to see youre :bs:myself Bye !
  11. How old are you?
  12. Ewwww, ewwwww, I am so convinced now...:D

    So does that mean you are leaving?:shrug: Don't let the door hit you on the way out...:Teh-Win:
  13. Yeah..At least the S197 Forum here ..... Parting shot for ya !

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  14. Thanks...

    I have never seen the ass end of a Mach 1 before, just their headlights in my rearview...:nice:
  15. Oooo !!! WOW THAT"S SOO COOL !!
  16. Wow... we have a 10 yr old among us. :nonono:
  17. My 100% stock ~1500 mile 2008 GT put down 275 HP and 284 ft-lbs on 87 octane gasoline. Your results may vary. I've seen stock S197 dynos as low as 260 HP and a few better than mine.


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  18. Wow that was alot to read...just wanted to point out

    I sold my 1997 Cobra which was the same spec motor as the Mach 1, from what i had seen and could feel. and i can sure as hell say the Cobra was a more Vicious car...Bone stock comparison to my 08 bone stock, i think i would have given it to the 4v. But i credit alot of the "seat of the pants meter" to the 3.73 stock gears in the cobra. I think it would have been a close race bone stock but going to the 4v in the end, but the top end speed going to the s197
  19. The '98 Cobra and '03 Mach ones didn't have the same engine. The early 4V Cobra's had different heads and intake altogether. The Mach engines were much torquier by comparison.

    ...and '98 Cobra's also didn't come with 3.73 gears as stock running gear. 3.27's were the only factory option back then. If it had 3.73's in it, someone switched them out before you got it. :)
  20. Props to the 4 month old thread.

    My buddy has an 03 mach 1 with a CAI, intake spacer, prochamber O/R and welded in flowmaster super 40's with a dynotune. My car with my mods (fairly similar but I have the LT's) makes about 4 more HP with a canned tune from Bamachips. Both done on the same dyno at the same shop but not on the same day.

    P.S. Gearbanger, I always wanted to get my 96 GT the Allen kit, thought it was all-that and a bag of chips. Funny looking back at it now though, since my car makes about as much as my 96 would have with that blower (with its non-PI heads and all).