What Seats Will Fit in a '67-'68 Mustang

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  1. Hey All,

    Anyone know what modern seats will retrofit into a 1967-1968 Mustang without heavy modification or welding? I know of the Scat models (Pro Car, Elites) and that SN95's will fit with some minor drilling / mod'ing (that's what I am running now). I've also heard that '80s BMW 325i's and maybe Fierro seats will fit nicely.

    Anyone have experience retro fitting other modern seats? I am thinking of swapping mine out if I can find something reasonable in black leather. Mine are from a 1998 Mustang and are cloth. They look OK and were only $100 but just don't match like leather would.
  2. I always wanted a pair of 1990+ black leather GT fox body seats in my 68. If you look at them, they are stitched in the same pattern as the 68 seats, so you could even leave the rear, but I would swap them also.

    The seats in my 90 GT are sooooo comfy.
  3. Last summer i installed a set of procar seats in my 67 fastback.:D
    The quality is top notch and the installation was a simple job :nice:
    The seat is about one inch higher than my old buckets. But that is no problem for me.



    More pictures:

    procar installation

  4. I like thePro Cars the best, may go with those ultimately. I was hoping to find a good used set in black leather that would be cheap. There are not too many Fierro or 320i parts on Craigslist in my area. Lots of cloth SN95 seats, every now and then a pair in tan leather, but that's about it. So any other makes/models in addition to the 320i, Fierro, and SN95s? I like the SN95s but they sit a little high for me.
  5. I've seen a lot of SN95 seats in classics. I believe they fit fairly easily, just need an adaptor bracket. Might raise your overall seat height tho.
  6. Do you have a Pull-A-Part in your area? They have online inventory w/ their entire stock of cars on the lot. If interested, go to pullapart.com. It lists what CARS are available, but not a PARTS list. It might be a good place to start. I haven't been to the one here yet (Louisville, KY), but a few people have told me that it's very nice, well-organized, as well as user- and wallet-friendly.

    Also, are you finding anything in cloth that may be worth exploring having re-covered?

    Good luck in your search!
  7. I have the SN95s in my car (in the commonly available tan leather). They do sit high which can be countered some by lowering the seat pan.

    One thing to consider is what you want to do with the car. The SN95 seats have next to zero bolstering, hard corners = hanging onto the wheel for dear life (especially with the leather!). I will say they are the most comfortable seats ever. Done a couple 14hr days in the car and they rock.
  8. Hey All,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have the SN95s in my car right now, a cloth pair. They are really comfortable but for me (almost 6'1") they are too high. I'll leave 'em for now, they were cheap and certainly better than the broken '68 stock seat that I was propping up with the spare tire....

    I can't weld--need to learn--but I don't have the ability to modify the seat pan, although that would be a great fix.

    On reupholstering these seats, I've looked around at kits for the SN95s and the prices seem to come reasonably close to the cost of a pair of Scat Pros. Maybe those are the best option after all. I suspect a pair of Fiero seats would need recovering and that the total would also come close to the cost of the Scat seats.

    I'll check out that link for the pull a part. I don't know of one around here, but I sure there is something. There's a list of stuff I need if I can find a good yard.
  9. Oh, I thought about removing the seat tracks and using some 1/4 or 3/8 flat steel to mount the seats, figured that would give me another 1" or so of room. I could mount everything with grad 8 bolts although I would lose the adjustability.
  10. That's what I did with Foxbody seats in my '67 but only used 2 pieces of 1" wide 1/4" flat steel. Knocked the 'feet' off the fox sliders and used them, the steel was just a transition between the sliders and the floor. I moved the seat back a couple inches and now have more room than I need (6'1").

    Here's a couple pics, I plan to recover with TMI set to match my rear horizontal stitched seats so they'll appear 'stock' to the untrained eye.
    I have red interior so all the Scat, etc. were out since they don't make red and I wanted a more stock look with headrests (using the triangle shaped ones when done) more bolsters and recline. They'll probably cost more than the Scats or Procars when done but they'll match the interior and be the look I want. Picked up the seats in good shape for ~$60 so that was a good start.

    The seat bottoms are the same height as my '67's so I'm no closer to the roof but can recline a little for more headroom (helmet).

  11. Those seats look pretty good -

    Those seats look good - like they belong in there.
    What kind of TMI upholstery can you get for those seats to match?