what should i launch at?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Grandmaster, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. I just ordered a pair a BFG Drag Radials and i'm wondering what i should launch at when i get ready to try them out. With mods listed in my sig (not much heh) what should i launch at? This is assuming i heat them up good etc. Thanks a lot.
  2. Your gonna have to practice with them to see what the best launch RPM will be.
    It depends on which size you bought, how much psi you run, and the surface you're trying to launch on.
  3. if the engine is stock and you have 3.73 i would say start around 2500 RPM and see how well it launches and then increases or recrease by a couple hundred RPM to find the perfect launching RPM.
  4. Launch

    2500 is not enough. You should be able to leave @ 3500-4000 on DR's when they're hot. Launch that baby as hard as you can, as often as you can!!!
  5. remember big daddy prob launches @ 6000 8 sec pass on dr the trick you dont have to heat those up as much as might think. if your stock car can get them going a 4 to 5 sec heat up is enough run them around 18 to 24 psi perfect. as stated b-4 come out hard and have at it! :nice:
  6. Be sure to get a driveshaft loop also!
  7. how is the ground clearance on those on the street? or are they easily removed after track duty?
  8. DS loop is no clearence issues with the ground, and no need to remove... You dont even know its there...
  9. i launch mine (255/50/16) at about 4500-5k wide....

    best 60' a 1.70, not to shabby, i launched on motor and then sprayed immediatley after for that run, never sprayed before the release....

    screw 2500 rpm crap...
    "launch the f*** out of it"
    make sure you heat them up good, and if you spin, lower the pressure more, they rock. :nice:
  10. a perfect way to get mediocre times....

    why waste a burnout on a 2500 rpm launch?
    it makes no sense to me...

    the biggest difference made in the elapsed time is by dropping the 60', the BEST way to drop the 60' is to launch the car the most efficiently you can, but dumping at 2500 with a sticky BFG drag, you'll probably bog down, and it'll result in a whopping 2.0 60'!

    oh yeah!!!, come on i've done that with street tires, who hasn't?
    don't do that. :notnice: