What to do...spare parts

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  1. I just recently purchased both an '87 2.3 hatch and an '86 2.3 coupe. The hatch is running good except for a slight oil leak. The spare parts come from the '86, what can I expect to get out of the stock '86 2.3 4- spd, and the stock carbed 2.3 engine? I am planning on swapping out the stock 7.5" rear for either an 8.8" or a beefier 9", what are rear ends going for now days for me to sel this one ?

  2. Do you mean, what can you expect to get out parts wise, or performance wise? :scratch:
  3. Sorry I didn't specify.......................I ment if I were to sell them.

  4. You might be able to get a few bucks for the '86-specific parts (interior & exterior) but otherwise, I wouldn't expect too much.
  5. as for selling the 7.5 rear it would be worth more for scrap.... but if you were to part out the one you could make some$$ and as for a 9" you'll do fine with a good 8.8.
  6. the last 7.5 rear end I sold I got a $100.00 for it, but it was out of a 86 TC, so it was 3.45 geared and has a limited slip,sway bar and the quad shock set up, and I got to keep the old 7.5 with the 2.73 gear open diff, good junk weight, unless someone needs it, then I'll be lucky to get $25.00-$50.00 for it
  7. keep the 86 use the 87 for parts, DONT! convert to the single headlight setup, save for turbo swap and t5.